Do you ever think about how so much of reddit's content is screenshots from twitter and so much of twitter's content is stuff from reddit

@Gargron yep lol my most successful toot is a stolen meme from /r/dankmemes

@Gargron all the time.
Same goes for a lot of news coverage.

@Gargron its like they're trying to federate content

@Gargron Please.. I just finished work. I don't need my brain hurting anymore.

I guess Twitter is the place for relevant news to be shared at and Reddit the place where interesting conversations happen. I'm always amazed at the capacity of many Reddit users to take any discussion to crazy and fun new levels.

@Gargron That's almost understandable. The habit of tweeting a screenshot of a tweet, however...

@Gargron Honestly, it kind of bugs me. It seems like every social network features screenshots of posts from other social networks.

Why? Because they Don't Fucking Federate.

@deadsuperhero @Gargron honestly I wouldn't be surprised if most of that was down to people on mobile devices where posting a picture is a well defined task that's easier for people to pick up than sharing a link and they just stick with that once they've got it figured out.

@mike @deadsuperhero @Gargron Yeah, those are 2 separate problems. Links to other social networks would be due to lack of federation. Screenshots, however, are mainly the result of character limit + source deletion protection. I constantly think about the inefficiency and inaccessibility of transporting pictures instead of html. :/

@mike @deadsuperhero @Gargron Of course the UX of sharing a link vs picture plays a big role as well. As does the fact that most social networks bug you into signing in to see the content. If users aren't sure others will se the same content after following a link, screenshot is a safe and easy solution.

@Gargron And when do we get a federated Reddit clone?

@Gargron Also true of Tumblr. (Also notable: most of the "Russian bot" activity on Tumblr was caps of Twitter/Reddit content...)

I'm guessing 50% of 'viral' Facebook content is Instagram shares of screenshots of Tumblr posts, half of which are screenshots of Twitter threads.

@MicroSFF While half the Twitter content I see is screenshots of Tumblr posts.... @Gargron

@gargron My wife doesn't bother with Twitter cos all the good stuff gets screenshotted to Tumblr anyway.

@Gargron in the future, toots will be screenshots of prismo posts and prismo posts will be screenshots of toots

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