Idea: the relay's web page would make a boop sound for every new relayed message. The sound of the fediverse

Slightly different pitch per origin domain?

@Gargron You know someone will take it upon themselves to write a midi player if you do that 😛

@Gargron hash domain name and add a whole synthesizer with parameters seeded with the entropy hehe

@Gargron duration based on length, pitch also varies with user name.

@Gargron make sure to place the random sounds on a scale/chord, or it's going to be a cacophony like Crazy Bus

@Gargron Actually, something like taht exists for Wikipedia:

Makes a sound for every Wikipedia edit – in different variations. Sounds very nice IMHO.

@Gargron Maybe the pitch could be changed by using the length of the toot while the loudness could be changed by the length of the user id

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