I guess I'm kinda uncomfortable with the fact that while most humans go through personal development and changing opinions over the course of their lives, with the internet never fogetting anything, you can lose your job now for things you said before regardless of whether you still believe in them.

@Gargron I agree, which is why I use pseudonyms for basically everything online.

@Gargron The people in such workplaces need to take a good and long look at what they've done and thought in the past - especially HR and management. For the most part, they are less deserving of the job they hold than the people they fire. It also goes to prove that as a society we're not as free and respectful as we like to consider ourselves to be and that we present to the world at large. Hypocrisy rules in human society.

@Gargron Just wait until everyone starts using Blockchain; it's going to get much worse.

@gargron I can't imagine the nightmare of growing up on an internet with real name policies. Imagine the memories of all your most embarrassing moments not being tied to just the witnesses, but broadcasted to your whole social graph and easily discoverable forever without it's original context. I think the contextless-ness is the key part here. Don't get me wrong accountability is important too, but it's easy to judge people by their worst selves when their whole past is visible.

@Gargron I recommend everyone to delete their old post, especially when their opinion change.

The creepy one is people screenshotted and save it to attack you someday

@rmdzn @Gargron Then you can claim they faked the screenshots if the original post wasn’t recently deleted.

True, but I always feel that a person should be more defined by their actions than anything else.

Still, my bigger concern is that this is all the "court" of public opinion.... were things are nearly as set as they seem for anyone.

@Gargron This is a large part of why keeping your Legal Name off the Internet is a good idea until you are, like, actually a grownup. Someone who really wants to keep an eye on you can connect you with FluffyGermanGargoyle48, but a casual search loses it.

Which is why I am actively opposed to any service that insists on Real Names Only.

@Gargron I am gonna ensure that my employers actually don't get to know anything about my social media handles.

Maybe starting with not giving out social media links for official communication

@Gargron it used to bother me, then years ago there was some political race that had college friends running against each other

They had been in the same class and frat at some rich kids college

One had video from the early 70s of the other saying or doing something dumb

At that point I realized all of today's kids will have video like that when they're adults

When everyone has super powers, no one does

When everyone has embarassing public video, no one does

Still, pseudonyms++ :)

@Gargron If you get fired because of something you said on internet (and it's not some company secret), then you were working for assholes. Don't work for such people and you'll be fine.

@Gargron This may be just the right moment to notice that the feature of ephemeral (expiring, auto deleting) toots is relevant! We don't have "to live in a world where everything we say, everything we do, everyone we talk to, every expression of creativity or love or friendship is recorded" forever.

@Gargron I feel like this has gotten to the point where there are organizations of people that you can hire to help you attempt to erase your online identity too..

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