When @Hbomberguy asked me to change the "publish" button to "toot" I wasn't aware that some regions (USA?) use that as slang for farts rather than the noise that elephants and trumpets make.

And it's pretty damn annoying to hear that take/joke over and over and over and over again. Realistically, "tweet" is just as much nonsense. Birds don't tweet, they chirp, that's not a common word. But it's already ingrained in people's minds so to them tweet is serious and toot is not.


I'm really frustrated because I think "toot" is cute and I've never heard anyone actually use it to mean farts because that's just not a thing where I'm from.

And I do like that I can tell someone "could you toot that" instead of "could you post that on Mastodon", there is recognition value in that.

But if that's legit going to be an obstacle to people taking Mastodon seriously, it seems impractical for me to insist on that term. 😦

@Gargron to be fair, the Nintendo Wee got around being named after urine

@Gargron you don't have to insist on that term, you just have to know that if it ever gets changed all of us will yell at you

even more than we usually do


as a USAian, it's not a commonly used word for fart and honestly it is kind of a *cutesy* word for fart even when it's used as a word for fart, so I mean

I don't think there's a real problem here, I don't know who's been saying "ugh, 'toots'?! that's so gross"

I have literally seen all of three fart jokes about "toot" and two of them were me back, god, like a year ago? O_o

@sydneyfalk @Gargron

I'd agree with this. While it can mea n "fart," the usage here is understood to be whimsical.

farts i guess 

@sydneyfalk You may think "ugh, 'toots'?! that's so gross" is a far-fetched opinion but I have literally seen a tweet saying that Mastodon is racist because the word "federation" belongs to the US civil war.

@Gargron @bobby_newmark @theoutrider @sydneyfalk
this person clearly is lacking education on star trek and the united federation of planets.

@Gargron not only are they arguing in bad faith, they don't even have their history straight. Federal was the civil war era term for the union, as opposed to the Confederate.

I'm not privy to how much of this kind of trash reasoning you're exposed to and fighting against, but I can understand that it's exhausting. It's ignorant people satisfied with their lot punching down and making tautaological arguments why anything that they don't like/use is inherently bad bc they don't like/use it.

@Gargron @bobby_newmark @theoutrider @sydneyfalk People's eyes seem to glaze over when I start talking about federation. I kinda like "Network Timeline" instead but that's my .02

@MacroDeSatire @Gargron @bobby_newmark @theoutrider @sydneyfalk

Yeah, I knew about toots years ago. But so what? 🤷‍♂️ And federated?! May as well get hung up about “post” because of the funereal bugle call “The Last Post” (equivalent to US “Taps” - hey look , a touchscreen reference 🙄) or “bot” because... no not going there.

Seriously, these are trolls, not potential users. They wouldn’t use Mastodon even if you acceded.

@MacroDeSatire @Gargron @bobby_newmark @theoutrider @sydneyfalk
And for those who really care, let them build their own instance and configure it with the prompts and other language they want. I see others have already done just that.

@Gargron @bobby_newmark @theoutrider @sydneyfalk i refuse to believe this is serious. this hAS to be satire. please tell me it's satire p l e a s e

@trwnh @Gargron @bobby_newmark @theoutrider

Larry Niven's Law Of Fuckheads: There is no cause so noble that it doesn't attract fuckheads.

Sydney Falk's Corollary: There is no cause so ignoble it won't pull in some otherwise decent, reasonable humans.

I assume things are satire *when it is explicitly stated*, and almost never otherwise, these days.

The assumption being wrong sometimes was more important than I think we all realized.

@Gargron they're fishing for a hot take or joke here, ignore this

@Gargron @bobby_newmark @theoutrider @sydneyfalk

He doesn't even know that the side which the Confederation was at war with was the Federation?


I've seen tweets that suggest all sorts of things. Twitter's got a huge augmented bot problem, IMO; there's tons of people saying random shit on there and then people parrot it back out like bi --

OH SHIT I JUST FIGURED TWITTER OUT ENTIRELY we have to call the Audubon Society

(seriously tho: I don't think that's a remotely serious take, I think at best that's someone trying to tear at Mastodon any way they can to help "save" twitter. people go bonkers about tribal identity, always.)

@Gargron @sydneyfalk if they can’t be bothered to distinguish between “federation” and “confederacy”, or between “the Confederate States of America” and confederacies in general, they probably weren’t going to be very sympathetic to any other names or terms either.

On thing I’ve learned the hard way is that there are people out there with whom it is impossible to communicate with in any meaningful fashion.

@Gargron What? Wow!
I think this is a case of "I don't want to like mastodon and/or want to complain about something. So let me search for some point to get riled up about."

Because really, there are 1000 real and 100 fictional instances of federations... but it HAS to be the confederates...

@Gargron I now, and will continue to, use the term "toot" to mean "post on Mastodon". Besides, the term is archaic anyway. I don't remember anyone under 50 using that term unironically

@cypnk Wait, do you mean you did not do that intentionally

@Gargron Totally accidental. I was browsing some old texts from the 1700-1800s scanned by some libraries

Specifically looking at old pirate literature when I found it

@cypnk @Gargron toot what you want 'cause a pirate ( and, according to the literature, dr doom ) is [...]

@Gargron Luckily it's not slang in the rest of the world :) And it's super nice that now I can end my motorcycle toots with the wonderfully ambiguous Toot-Toot!


@Gargron Provide a en_US localization with a different word?
But then maybe you're overthinking this...

@Gargron i've had this opinion since i started using mastodon. i really like the idea behind the word 'toot', but in the US it will be associated with non-seriousness. maybe there's an alternative associated with mastodons - bark/grunt/trumpet. none are as cute as toot though...

@Gargron well, I can't imagine myself asking someone to “fart” something, but perhaps I will try 😛

@Gargron Please don't change it! It's fun, it's distinctive, it's great! 'toot' can't be an obstacle, it's just a ridiculous excuse for people who have already decided not to take Mastodon seriously (good riddance!)

@Gargron I think it's great. Similar to "tweet" so it's immediately familiar, but obviously relates to the name of the product. A+ hope it stays.

@Gargron It's also by no means a gross word, anyway. Toots are innocent ;)

@annika @Gargron I've encountered more than a few toots which may have been born innocent, but which had been lead astray.

@Gargron I wouldn't worry about it...
However, as a replacement, I humbly suggest:
joot (jean toot)



Toot is great, keep it !

In French we say "pouet" which is basically a funny sound that sound like a fart too.

@Gargron toot is the number one complaint I’ve heard from the people I’ve tried to get to join

@Gargron also I’m just generally in favor of using generalized terminology where possible, both because it lowers the entry bar, and because weird slang terms are probably always going to be polarizing no matter what word you change it to

@Satsuma @Gargron but generic terms have no soul and no identity :( imagine if we all called them "statuses"! what is this, 2000s facebook?

@trwnh @Gargron well i’d suggest ‘posts’ as I like generic terms, not ‘2000s era facebook’

@Gargron Could be worse. You could have an image-editing application called "the Gimp". I mean, imagine the uphill battle you'd have to fight on that one.

@Gargron Honestly, I hate it. I say “post”. I don’t have any ideas for a better prompt, tho. 🤷🏽‍♀️

@Gargron Born and raised in the USA. "Toot" is definitely a polite, whimsical, lightly comical word for fart, car horn, boat horn, or elephant noise.

To put it in perspective, my conservative proper and courteous grandmother will use "passing gas" or very rarely "toot" in polite company.

I wouldn't get hung up on it as it is not a vulgar word. But it is whimsical in a young-innocent-child way without being "childish" if that makes sense.

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