the hardest problems in computer science are printers

@Gargron why? they are quite efficient mind-reading machines that are able to detect when the user is anxious or in a hurry with excellent accuracy.

And it seems that developing them is a solved problem, as they are pretty cheap if you consider what they are able to do.

Some of the silliest problems and the ones that make the least sense are always printers.

@lnxw48a1 They're some of the hardest problems in offsite tech support as well.

@Gargron Our IT team spent two hours trying to get a printer to work in our office the other week. 2 hours.

@Gargron the "stop" button is merely decorative

@Gargron I thought of this toot when my windshield wipers were chattering and streaking all over the place yesterday morning...

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