New profiles are live for testing on You might want to rethink your header image choice. They can be bigger now.

Another improvement for media attachments in general is that super wide but short or super tall but narrow images will be resized a lot more fairly.

@Gargron Few things I'm personally kind of iffy about:

- touch target for permalinks is way too small
- not sure I like the boost/fav counters being visible
- a little weird that most URLs use the at-sign but follower+following use the "/users/username" convention
- i wish the header size and avatar had strict aspect ratios and relative size/position but i understand if this is too hard to be consistent about

@Gargron Are you running the latest Mastodon version or the stable one with tweaks?

@Sander Latest master, but I know what I'm doing, proceed at your own risk.

@Gargron Haha, never thought you’d didn’t! Keep up the good work!

@Gargron pretty jarring to have everything you click load a completely new page, at least in firefox (in chrome they seem to have done their best to make it less jarring without the white flash as the page loads and all, but it still pulls you back up to the top of the page)

any plans to make it a little more fluid and instead fall back to current behavior in the future?

@pea I'm assuming the problem is only the profile cards under following/followers since I don't think anything else opens in a new tab?

@Gargron not a new tab, sorry for being unclear. I'm talking about how it links to a new page instead of staying in the same page and using javascript to load the new content you want to see, which, in my mind, was the behavior i was expecting looking at the design

@pea The public pages have always been static. It's a tall order to make them work via React instead like the main UI while also providing a pre-rendered fallback for non-JS users, so no, can't do that

@Gargron that's fair enough, but if you're going to stick to the "full static" design it'd probably be nice to have images load in without javascript at least. CWs working would be nice too but I understand that's a little more difficult without some hacky techniques
@Gargron with tabbing designs i more expect it to "switch tabs" rather than loading a whole new page, and while as someone who disables javascript this is welcome behavior for untrusted sites, there are techniques that would let you just "take over the link click" and load the new content into the page using javascript instead which would both be a more fluid experience and probably decrease network load a little too

@Gargron look real nice :blobcat:
but the text @name@instance over the header will be hard to see depending on the header and site theme the used :/

@Gargron They don't seem to play very well with some window sizes:

@val That's quite odd. I tested all sizes and this looks like maybe CSS grids are bugged in your browser?

@Gargron I use Firefox ESR (52.9.0). Maybe it's too old?

@val "ESR" always comes up in weird bug reports, so probably yes.



Sounds about right, Eric S. Raymond has really been nothing but trouble for many years now ;)

@gargron @val @keithzg (In all seriousness though, looking at there appear to be some known bugs with CSS grid overflow in that version of Firefox)

@Gargron I'm usually not into dark themes, but I really like that update.

@Gargron the header image is downscaled to 700x335px but displayed at 940x300px ?

@Gargron oh, my bad! the text below the input in the settings still shows that for me

@Gargron The avatar isn't displayed in latest Firefox for Android (also not in Android 7.1.2 stock browser).

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