That's an awful lot of trees on the railways

I got internet and a long travel ahead of me still, need something to not be bored


I think people don't really have a good idea of what mobile data on trains in Germany is like

@Gargron I travel between UK and Germany frequently, what data plan are you on? It's usually okay for me

@Gargron on some routes onboard wifi is okay. The reason for me to really know if the network is good is that I am mostly using long lived connections which is not what radio network designers plan for...

Browsers and apps are more forgiving.

@raucao @saper @Gargron I second this. try mosh + tmux and never look back. JuiceSSH for android.

@saper @Gargron
Ever tried mosh? (a wrapper around ssh which should improve your ssh experience a bit in bad networking context)

@Gargron People have no idea how much I'm paying for the useless garbage

@Gargron Arnhem-Cologne was fine but I know better than to use the onboard Wifi by now. Still it's almost always better to bring books and predownload movies.

@Gargron your train is not too late ? We tried the DB to Hamburg here : late trains -> missed trainS etc
Even worse than our French SNCF :) but met interesting people !

@YannnSud i might have passed very close to you because I've seen trains going to Hamburg here haha

@Gargron Good opportunity for me to bring a feature request: Better UX for low internet speeds.

E.g. Ability to turn off picture download. (Although that might be a request better suited for )

Also, "Hoppla, ein Fehler ist aufgetreten" is not a satisfacting error message. I have bad reception and I know it. I just wanted to see if works, no need to spam three error messages on my screen.

Also, mastodon is great, thanks for building it. 🙃

@hinterwaeldler you can turn off picture downloads in Tusky, uncheck the "show media preview" option

@ConnyDuck I uninstalled because it didn't have any features above what the web app offers. This is a killer feature though, thanks for mentioning it. 👍

@ConnyDuck Without the ability to turn off image download, effectively gets inaccessible without big mobile data plans.

not sure if it was train or flixbus - but it's a real screenshot.

@Gargron Here in Munich, they’re testing free WiFi in suburban trains, but I think it will take decades to become usable and distributed to regional trains, too.

@Gargron I used both tethering and in train WiFi for decent intercontinental SSH.

Syncing data didn't move much, but most of the time remote shell was laggily usable.

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