Extremely loud children (not toddlers) on this train, parents what are you doing

@Gargron i think smartphones are a great invention

@ArtistMarciaX is that a specific place or just lands that are in the middle of somewhere because yes i am in the middle of Germany right now

@Gargron ooooo i've been on a (uk) midlands train and it's a nightmare. your toot made me think of those memories

@Gargron when I visited Italy (from America) I wound up two rows from an American family whose nearly adult children, AND their definitely adult mother, were bickering and whining for an hour. In retrospect I wish I had told them what asses they were being.

@Gargron obviously nothing :D
I use to explain to them that there're people who want to get some time in silence. Huge surprise what can be achieved by being friendly and patiently explaining.

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