Sorry for the short interruption, just updated to the latest code.

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Here is what you can do on now. Like a permanent follow friday, or myspace top 8, except 4 are displayed in random order out of however many you want.

@Gargron Hi, I’m kind of new here. Will there ever be an “official” mastodon social iPhone app?

Haha hi! And I don't see an answer from
@gargron - no, probably not. I know there are some iPhone apps out there though.

@frankiesaxx @Gargron Yeah I kind of figured that would be the answer. 😊 I actually found one I like a lot his morning. It’s a beta but works/feels great! @tootapp ! 👍🏻👍🏻


Yeah! I use Mastalab on Android. IDK how iPhone apps work, but if you have the ability, definitely submit bug/crash reports for @tootapp when weird/umexpected stuff happens

@Gargron I don't see a "bf-recommends-ff-top picks" box thingy on the profile. Is that not happening?

@Gargron This is a pretty neat idea. Question, though: if a user on that list blocks the user featuring them, do they disappear from the featured list?

@Gargron Do new features get localized before or after each code release?

@igrom mostly before but it's up to volunteers, i just give a certain amount of time for submissions

@gargron like im legit hype about the idea of this being on so i can rotate out people to boost

@Gargron I swear i'm not trying to be pushy... but is there an ETA on when this will be released as GA? Inquiring minds want to know :)

@chuck it's in master right now, it's just dependent on how long it takes until there's another release. (which has timing constraints that are largely independent of any individual feature)

@nightpool Thank you :) I think I manaaged to get on the mute-list for garg.

🤷 Who knows with that crazy cat's firehose of a toot stream.

@Gargron I'm not seeing feature on profile using the three dot elipsis menu - is it a feature rolling out?

@shadowbottle You're not seeing the ellipses in the bottom right of a toot?

@Hoos I'm not seeing the option for "Feature on Profile" - the "permanent follow Friday" feature.

@shadowbottle Ah. Gotcha. Yeah, not seeing that either. You're probably right with the gradual rollout idea.

@Hoos @shadowbottle make sure you refresh your UI in case you haven't. Also, the option appears for people you are following only

@Gargron where does this show up? should be on your profile, but just above pinned toots or what?

@Gargron do you get a notification if somebody chose to feature you?

@gargron i have two questions:
1. does it notify a user they've been pinned or can such a notification be implemented

2. can there be a way a user can preemptively keep people from pinning them (like if they lock down their account or such)

Thx, I really like the idea of this a lot

@Gargron you give the people what they want - myspace top 8

@Gargron Is there a site to go to when is down? BGG does and it would be charming if it wasn’t Reddit.

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