Over in #social, @Gargron said chat.indieweb.org/social/2018- that no-one is using rel-me verification. That's not true, as indieauth uses it. You do have to be a bit careful with twitter, and Facebook is a lost cause, but it works with WordPress and github as well as personal sites. Here's how it works with a browser plug in kevinmarks.com/distributed-ver previously github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ @cwebber @aaronpk


@KevinMarks @cwebber @aaronpk I'm sorry but indieweb doesn't count, you're programming your own websites, you're not the general population. That method is not accessible for most people on here.

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Sorry to toot twice..wanted to see if I could reply and thread back to Mastodon from my own domain...I can't

@Gargron @kevinmarks @cwebber @aaronpk That's a bit harsh, plenty of micro.blog and WordPress users as well. I know in GenPop, including folks who have never been online, it's not just the SuperMax of SSG users. I just believe the more things we do in plain html the more accessible to the public they will be

@Gargron @kevinmarks @aaronpk Reading all the work around discussion of petnames and namespaces..that just seems like so much work when all I need to do is list my online identities in my h-card or just have links on my blog. I doubt many people will mix up @cwebber the programmer and Chris Webber the ball player...

@jgmac1106 @Gargron @aaronpk @cwebber it is more of a problem than you think - I'm sure the other Kevin Marks's are fed up with me. I proposed a rel="not-me" for explicit disambiguation. My favourite example is kevinkelly.name/
Also, as Chris pointed out, there is malicious impersonation, as well as parodic.
My nervousness about sharing addressbooks and pet names is that my pet name for someone is unlikely to be useful to you.

@kevinmarks @jgmac1106 @gargron @aaronpk If I know you and you have an edge name from Kevin Marks => tantek, that's a useful thing to share

the key thing is you have to show the path... it shouldn't just show up unnamespaced as tantek absolutely, it's the tantek you claim as tantek. And we know each other enough that I can believe that's the same Tantek I know.

@cwebber @jgmac1106 @Gargron @aaronpk yes, but users think pet names in their addressbook are private, and will be mortified when you get 'snookums' or 'that bore again' with attribution to them (they don't realise that facebook,linkedin, whatsapp and signal have them).
Also addressbook transitivity is a really bad idea. We built a test one when I was on google contacts and we deleted it with fire. That didn't stop buzz doing it again later and getting an FTC judgement though.

@kevinmarks @jgmac1106 @gargron @aaronpk Nope, you're missing an essential step in the interface. You have to opt-in to sharing your petnames with your contacts. You click the "share with contacts" checkbox, then it prefills the edge name you're going to suggest to your contacts. So if Alice Mcguffin has her mother labeled as "Mom" as her petname for her mother, that's obviously not as useful for others, so she changes it to "Jane Mcguffin"

@kevinmarks @jgmac1106 @gargron @aaronpk So, edge names are names that we have *explicitly* chosen to share with contacts.

Also, it's a good idea to have access to edge names be something that has to be opted into. In other words, I get a capability to your edge names collection.

@kevinmarks @jgmac1106 @gargron @aaronpk and if I see both "aaronpk => tantek" and "kevin marks => tantek" in my interface, that's an even stronger indication that this is probably the person I meant to find.

@cwebber @jgmac1106 @Gargron @aaronpk if we publish rel=friend|contact|met|following etc, you can do this with a link graph, without names.
if you go back far enough twitter published these - grep this for rel="contact" web.archive.org/web/2007020201

@kevinmarks @cwebber @Gargron @aaronpk I know it wouldn't scale but I love the way Loqi does with chat-names...

Being able to ask Who is... Then get link to their website I can find the right username for the right network.

@Gargron @cwebber @aaronpk WordPress, twitter, github, medium all have rel-me built in. Google plus had it, but it only shows up on some clients now. For the twitter migration case it will work well, if they set their twitter url to their new mastodon home.

The irony of this thread is that Kevin mentioned the wrong account for me at the beginning so I haven't been seeing any of these replies at all.

@aaronpk also, mastodon shows both @aaron and @aaronpk in autocomplete (not your actual handle)
@Gargron too. Rel=me would help.

@Gargron @KevinMarks @cwebber @aaronpk Huh. I was always impressed with rel-me. The instructions for adding it to a site were relatively simple.

@Gargron We're not all programming our own websites. https://micro.blog is a great example of a service designed for the "general population" that also happens to implement a bunch of IndieWeb specs: IndieAuth, Webmention, Micropub, rel=me.
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