@Gargron is it? or is it rather "payment processing for the Adult Entertainment Industry is broken"?

@valhalla Well that's the original title of the post but yes.

@valhalla @Gargron it is mostly about payment problems, but it's not only about payment problems though

@vaartis @Gargron I mean, from the article it looked like most of the problems were caused by the refusal of sane payment processors to work with adult content of any kind.

@vaartis @Gargron or by the refusal of mainstream payment processors to work in a sane way, actually

@Gargron It was deleted and has been replaced with an explanation:

I've deleted the post because some of you are [insert expletive] ... since others can't play nice, I won't be doing any other posts.

@Gargron it's a shame you deleted the post due to the trolls. Would you repost behind a private link somehow?

@si I am not the author, it even says on the page who the author is and it's clearly not me...

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