Looking for more moderators for (paid), DM me if you are interested.

If I find someone I will reply to this toot, so if you find this much later than now please check it for replies before applying.

If you're one of the people spamming untagged porn in Spanish right now you are obviously disqualified from this position smh

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It doesn't require technical knowledge like coding, what it definitely requires is a committment to our code of conduct and the values encoded within.

It's not super formalized, the most formal thing about it is that I ask you to send me an invoice every month.

There are no hours requirements. Most of the time there's nothing to do. When there's a new report, all mods get an e-mail and whoever has time for it takes care of it. In complicated cases we talk in our mod chat.

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I've received a lot of applications now with a lot of good candidates. No more applications please! I will be reviewing what I got.

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@isabelpantoja You or someone using your account posted child porn to the public timeline.

@CM_noelle yes i posted it but was just a "meme" photo i didnt posted it with another purpose of doing humor

@isabelpantoja @CM_noelle the fact that you don't understand why posting child porn is bad means you're probably a sociopath

@isabelpantoja Regardless of whether or not it was a meme, sexual depictions of children are explicitly against the rules here.

@CM_noelle and the photo didnt was nothing special , it didnt showed nothing, i can pass u the photo by direct message

@CM_noelle and yes was my bad i didnt read the rules of the site when i created the account so i am sorry

@isabelpantoja @CM_noelle si quieres poner Lolas vete a, que aquí las querían prohibir.

@Gargron *helpless giggles*

Good luck getting that under control! ♥️👌🏾

@Gargron I seem to be lurking here for most of the day on the local timeline and I'm always happy to help a community where I can so I'd like to put my name forward. I also know somebody recently made redundant from this exact job for an other huge social media site with many years experience, let me know if you'd like me to put you in touch with her

@gargron I'm opinionated and supportive and also I have a m.s account already. I'm perfect!

Is it hourly, salary, what?

@Gargron i'm game! count me in. i've managed mailinglists before. i have experience in community management (both of the off- and online varieties). i have a lot of sysadmin skills, too! .. let me know what's what. thanks!

@Gargron Sounds like fun. I used to mod and admin forums and an IRC network and I usually spend nights on a screen anyway.

@Gargron I'd like to. Been a moderator for forums way back when. Just let me know what's needed & I'll get on it

@Gargron also the type of moderating was for forums on children based sites like club penguin - safe guarding so making sure no grooming & other things. Plus other sites & making sure people are playing well & not being bad little baddies. Was fun

@Gargron How much time do you think is needed per day to be a moderator ?

@Gargron can i do it. i cant find the dm button hold on ill try again

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