Looking for more moderators for mastodon.social (paid), DM me if you are interested.

If I find someone I will reply to this toot, so if you find this much later than now please check it for replies before applying.


If you're one of the people spamming untagged porn in Spanish right now you are obviously disqualified from this position smh

@isabelpantoja You or someone using your account posted child porn to the public timeline.

@CM_noelle yes i posted it but was just a "meme" photo i didnt posted it with another purpose of doing humor

@isabelpantoja @CM_noelle the fact that you don't understand why posting child porn is bad means you're probably a sociopath

@isabelpantoja Regardless of whether or not it was a meme, sexual depictions of children are explicitly against the rules here. mastodon.social/about/more

@CM_noelle and the photo didnt was nothing special , it didnt showed nothing, i can pass u the photo by direct message

@CM_noelle and yes was my bad i didnt read the rules of the site when i created the account so i am sorry

@isabelpantoja @CM_noelle si quieres poner Lolas vete a pawoo.net, que aquí las querían prohibir.

@Gargron *helpless giggles*

Good luck getting that under control! ♥️👌🏾

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