"You have closed registrations on, so how will my friends get in or find me?"

Tell your friends to sign up on then tell them: "Search for" and voilà, you have found each other.

It's very similar to how e-mail addresses work.

Also, is just an example! Your friends could have a or username. The possibilities are endless.

Your friends can browse the list of servers on and filter it by interests or languages!

@Gargron Wouldn't it be better to direct towards joinmastodon or something like

@nocksock choice scares people away so it's always better to recommend something specific. Newbie here: we can log into different instances with the same email/password right?

@devinprater Welcome to the fediverse! You can only log into the instance that hosts your user account, in your case You can, however, freely browse other instances, and you can remotely follow other users that exist on different instances as well.

@devinprater @Gargron No, your user/pass combination is only for the instance you registered that account with. You could register multiple accounts with the same email/pw combo tho

@devinprater no matey, think of it like the email version of can communicate across servers though

@devinprater or do you mean registering accounts on a variety of instances? You can have accounts on whatever instances but they're separate, if that makes sense

@nico Yes, that makes sense, thanks. I'm a newbie coming from Twitter. I'll spread the word about Mastodon to others who used to use native clients for Twitter on Windows because those were much more accessible to us than the site. I'm sure a programmer is making a Mastodon replacement program, so that'll help grow the Fedaverse as well. Maybe a instance as well.

@devinprater There's a really good python wrapper for the Mastodon api which I imagine could be used to build a great app for accessibility - I imagine there are plenty of good command line readers?

@nico Usually, people use GUI screen readers, like NVDA for Windows, VoiceOver for Mac/iOS, and <shudder>Orca</shudder> for Linux, although I use Emacspeak on my Mac because Emacs does a lot, like reading eBooks and such, and Emacspeak is great. But most blind folks use Windows, so there's that.

@devinprater @Gargron no - each instance is a seperate server. You set up an account on one, and if you want to move you set up a new account on the other. The instances do not share user credentials/login information with each other

@Gargron do you happen to know anyone who can help me fix my proxy config for my instance? trying to help with your sudden influx of users ;)

@Gargron I suspect you get this a lot - so sorry if I've missed it. Is there a away to migrate my account to a different instance if I find a more suitable one?

@Gargron brb, looking if is a thing I can get.

@Gargron I messed up trying to link to invite tw*ter friends but now its telling me the app has my tw*ter login but I messed up my mastodon loggin so I can't continue with the process!

@Gargron oh thanks! Yes that was it. And wow it made me realize how many other apps I needed to disconnect!

@jeremycornbyn just tell him these two words and let him figure out the rest "Garbage Twitter" :)

@Gargron Also, am I the only one, or is there some lag with toots showing up right now?

@Gargron but I don't want to be on the peasant instance

@Gargron Stupid crazy idea, what would you think of a donation of something like 20c per registration on your instance ? It's not much and you'd get rid of many troll accounts.

Given that mastodon pleroma and gnu/social are integrated or compatible is this all just a social media protocol? Still a bit confused how these all fit together.

@Gargron New to Mastodon, and many of us twitter refugees are having to sign up on different servers. Is there a way to search for a handle across all servers?

@XavierJulep @Gargron That worked to help me match followers in the domain I signed up with, but I know there are people who had to go into another domain (instance?). Am I missing something? (The one that I know is in a different domain, I'd already followed before trying this, though. So maybe it did check for others and didn't find any more?)

@a9ymous @Gargron - Are you trying to match your twitter handle to your mastodon handle so that your friends on twitter can find you? Use


look for some of the explainers being retooted, but yes: IDs look a lot like email addresses, with a local part on the left and a server part on the right

put the local part in your client's search function. generally, that's enough


@gargron That e-mail analogy unfortunately is very true... 😐

The only thing missing from Mastodon is a way to browse several instances at once to find users to follow, not just to find an instance to nest on. Is there some site to browse public Mastodon users?

@Gargron oh good I was wondering when you’d close mastosoc registration after yesterday’s influx. ❤️👌🏾

@Gargron the big difference with email is that with email you can separate your identity ( from the server you’re hosting your emails with (gmail, FastMail, proton, etc.). This is super important, and something I think the Fediverse might need if it wants to be more like emails and less like early 2000s forums.

Thanks for the extra tip here, re new.users watching and adding...

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