Home timelines should be all caught up now. Our traffic is averaging 400 req/s with occasional spikes to 1,200 req/s.

There are 23k active users on right now (8.7k arrived this week). Registrations are closed but invite links work. You can create an invite link from "Invite people" link or preferences page.

I have added 2 mods to the team (awaiting response from 3rd candidate), reports are being processed. Nazis can get fucked.

@Gargron is there an application process to become a mod? I’d love to help grow

@ralphorama @Gargron scroll down G’s profile a bit, he made a post about applying like, two days ago?

@vrunt @Gargron Gargron do you have any idea if "Toots" will eventually be updated to include functionality that automatically combines your two favorite classic TV shows into one, easy to digest meme format?

@Gargron HELL YAAASSSS! 👏 👏 👏 you had me at "Nazis can get fucked" 😍

@MissJules5x @Gargron

Fuck off Netanyahu you murderous, lying thief. There I said it. Come get me @JackTheBanisher!

@Gargron so other than anti semanticism is there anything else on the fuck off list?

@Gargron "Nazis can get fucked" is the precise sort of attitude that drew me here. <3

@Gargron really happy for you seeing how popular this have become :)

@Gargron awesome. any chance you could respond to my last toot about the issue with / joinmastodon?

@Gargron honor upon your instance, honor upon your family, honor upon your cow

@Gargron I've only just joined the service (at the invite of @wickedgood ) and I really appreciate what you're doing here. Still not entirely sure how all this works, but I understand that it's a commitment on your part. Thanks!!!

@Gargron Thank you for providing a platform that's so much cooler than twitter btw I had a question regarding the overwhelming amount of new members, does it freak you out that numbers have jumped ten fold in a short amount of time?

@Gargron Can we see who uses the link so we can easily find our friends?

@Yodacat You can make it so ppl who use your invite link follow you automatically.

@Gargron ok based on your last sentence I am prepared to follow you into battle

@Gargron is there any support (or plans) to allow users to migrate to different instances? Might be a good way to help alleviate pressure on the “lead” instance. As people start to understand the network a bit more, they may want to change instances.

@skroob @Gargron there's a migrate feature under edit profile in the browser interface.

@Gargron It's nice to know that I'm not going to be banned from this site over my extremist view that *Nazis are bad!*

@Gargron just want to say thank you for creating this and even tho I am very confused I'm happy to be here =]

@Gargron I can't help feeling one really shouldn't fuck nazis.

@Gargron marry me Eugene

also get ready for when me and my fellow asshole start arguing about food. you'll need a whole new server for that.

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