"You have closed registrations on mastodon.social, so how will my friends get in or find me?"

Tell your friends to sign up on knzk.me/about then tell them: "Search for MyUsername@mastodon.social" and voilà, you have found each other.

It's very similar to how e-mail addresses work.

Also, knzk.me is just an example! Your friends could have a freedom.horse or banana.dog username. The possibilities are endless.

Your friends can browse the list of servers on joinmastodon.org/ and filter it by interests or languages!

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@Gargron I messed up trying to link to invite tw*ter friends but now its telling me the app has my tw*ter login but I messed up my mastodon loggin so I can't continue with the process!


@gattogateaux If I understood you correctly you can disconnect accounts on this page bridge.joinmastodon.org/accoun

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@Gargron oh thanks! Yes that was it. And wow it made me realize how many other apps I needed to disconnect!

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