I've just seen a troll on Twitter dismiss our animated video because of low view count, so uh, have you watched this one before? It's got cute elephants.

@Gargron I would give it a thumbs up, but you need to login for that. And that is a hell no. :) But Adding a view :)

@Gargron man way to bury the lede.


@Gargron I watched it twice.

I really do like this platform. :)

@Gargron that fatcat monopolist kittie is fantastic. Gave it a share over on the bird.

@Gargron since each instance is operated and moderated by thoseindividuals, there could pop up a neo nazi/hate/conspiracy instance(s) with no recourse?

@ents @Gargron you can silence these instances so you won't see posts from them in your timelines, instance admin can block other instances, silence them or block media from them for all users.

@ents Yes, exactly. They already exist, you probably just can't see them since blocks them.


@Gargron And it still disappoints me that this cat is the evil character in this video!!1

@Gargron birdsite trolls can get fucked eugen you do you my man you're awesome

@Gargron what is an instance? How do you find them? Is there a list somewhere or summat?

@j_Gee_76 You are on an instance (server) called right now. It's what you see in the address bar, and it's bar of your username:

You find them on

@Gargron First off, it's adorable.

Second, those elephants are so stylish and adorable.

@Gargron I thought the animation for this was really cute

@Gargron I have watched this, certainly helps for explaining things a wee bit. (this is technically my first toot!)

@Gargron I’d missed that. It’s awesome :) Do you have a link to the original video I can download. Would like to host it on without YouTube’s tracking :)

@Gargron @robertjacobsen Here's a video by the creator that explains the structure a bit! Give it a look to get a sense of how the pieces fit together.

@Gargron that's the one I shared on bird site: cute elephants

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