Most Mastodon servers are operated by people like you, out of their pocket. Check if your server has a Patreon! It's usually on the "About this instance" link, where the rules are. Support your admins, especially if they're not me!

@Gargron I honestly have very little idea what any of that means sorry

@Gargron i was just going to write something like this up earlier, thanks for beating me to it

@Gargron some of us are still running Redis in a `screen` session because we can't figure out why its systemd unit file doesn't work 😬

@Gargron did you finally get around to adding the patreon link to your about page yet?

@Gargron how much are you looking at rn, in operating costs of your instances?

@Gargron Since inter-individual settlement is regulated in Japan, there seems to be many places where sending Amazon gifts or supporting services by a service similar to Patreon.

@Gargron Bumped my monthly donation, since , well, I'm here, and considering you're also developing the thing, you have to make a living!

@Gargron youre my admin, and guess what buddy i'm giving you money. you cant stop me mother fucker. 20 bucks a month, cry about it

@gargron I've considered running a patreon. I'm paying for the domain, the VPS, additional storage, and snapshotting. Plus maintaining masto and IRC on the box.

It would be nice to have a tip jar to help with the costs, but it feels a bit...I dunno. Especially as there are people here struggling a bit with cash. Bleeeehhhh.

@pixelguff I first read "snapshotting" as "shitposting", leading me to believe for two seconds that you had professional shitposters on your instance. I was intrigued.

@chris If that's a job then I'd like to apply for it!

@pixelguff I feel that, I have my users occasionally ask me if I'm planning on opening a Patreon to cover my costs, and I'm like, maybe when I get around to figuring out how to keep it up to date and it actually stops being pocket change. I keep new registrations closed most of the time, so it doesn't NEED a ton of resources or admin work.

For now, I list a few charities on my about page and suggest people send some money there and let me know if they want to say "thanks for keeping this place running".

@anthracite Yeah, that’s the thing. B.Z is a small instance and the costs are low enough that I don’t think it’s much over £10 a month to run everything, but it adds up over the year. That’s a good idea with the charity links though!

@pixelguff Next time I kickstart something I'll probably ask my users to consider pimping it to their friends, too. "spread the word about stuff I actually want to make money off of" doesn't feel like much to ask.

Taking money in exchange for running it makes it feel like Work. And I've already got something in that slot in my life.

@gargron gets my financial support. I appreciate all the work everyone does to make this thing go.

@Bigou mastodon relies on decentralization, so there must be other instance than gargron

@Matthieu That I DO know! My instance isn't 1 of he made, after all.

@Bigou @Matthieu because i already receive a lot of support, other admins could use it more

Retooteo aunque esté en inglés chicos. Sí que es importante ayudar a las instancias donando 😉

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