I'm going to add another machine to mastodon.social infrastructure to ensure the people we got on here have a good experience.

Alright, it's plugged in, should be no more home feed delays ✊


To put into perspective what is happening, here is 6 month of history of the processing required to run mastodon.social:

@gargron Do you still have data going back to last year's spike? Would like to compare the, uh, relative spikyness?

@jemus42 No, it only goes back 6 months, but yes would love to compare too.

@gargron on a related note: Has there been new news coverage of Mastodon or what's the deal with this recent influx? Did people actually *remember* Mastodon this time? :O

@jemus42 @Gargron a lot of Twitter refugees had accounts already from last year's exodus and just came back to them; we got a lot more people to follow this time

@jemus42 @Gargron twitter started banning accounts for “ban evasion” basically anyone who made a new account when they got suspended. A bunch of people from Weird/Leftist/Irony Twitter fled here at once

@Gargron That's when the left garbage twitter finally had it with @jack and his love affair with outright nazis.


That's at least five full octodons of load right there. Maybe six and a half.

@Gargron Eugen it's me jackdaw ruiz from the Toot Gazette.

are you willing to give your personal impression of the influx so far, or does commenting on the tone & tenor of the user base fall outside the public face you'd like to maintain on your account? :thaenkin:

@Gargron ok yes we've all had a great time here tonight, but we came into Eugen's house and smashed up all his computers so it's only fair that we give him our money: patreon.com/mastodon


gron, jimmy toots here, great job on the graph. Love the line part when it goes boink. Keep it up buddy.

-jimmy toots

@Gargron What stupid thing did twitter do at the beginning of May? ;-)

@Gargron Guess we should have sent an advance warning that you have incoming refugees huh? 🤔

@Gargron I'm sorry, from now on I will only toot good toots to save precious resources


@Gargron sorry for breaking your website that was chugging along just fine until days ago

@Gargron hey eugen...... you rule and we love you. sorry for doing swears all the time

@Gargron i’d like to apologize on behalf of all communists for beating up your server farm

@Gargron you’d almost think this thing is catching on!

@Gargron oh wow. Incredible working keeping it all running. 🙌🏼

@Gargron noticing the bump in failed, but tiny in comparison to successfully processed: y'all are doing great. ty

@Gargron also, i recognize Sidekiq when i see it ;) thinkin about joining the project as an open source contributor (strong Ruby background, some JS too)

@Gargron That would be twitter saying, “Yeah, we’re dropping APIs that made third party clients work, but we’re also totally keeping all those Nazis. Enjoy your tweets!”

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