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@garfiald @Gargron ok I respect your privacy I just don't want to follow a fake garfield you know have to know you're the real deal

@CommunistKillA @Gargron it make a new one, it's deliberate, imagine you boost a cool post and it's edited in something nasty o.o

@Gargron That claim needs to be backed up by a black cat emoji. And a full body cat, not one of those just the face things. Until then it is unsubstantiated and cannot be taken seriously.

@Gargron [insert gnu/linux activitypub copypasta here]

Thank you guys
You made me so happy
I will follow you as a thank you

and let me introduce
This is Henry the Cat
a male 1 year old britishshorthair

@pusheencat @Gargron this is Missey. She plays fetch and sits on command. She's a good catto.

@Gargron I don't own cats but this guy showed up at the back door. His name is Bob.

@Gargron and thank you so much for the boost Eugen! 🙏🙌😁 :coolcat: :fatyoshi:

@ronaldravegan Is that Crescent City Books?? Their cats were always so damn cool.

@ronaldravegan if you ever get the chance, Michael, who works there, wrote an incredible detective novel called Errata. Highly highly recommend

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