Thor: Ragnarok is really the best Marvel movie. I just watched it again and it's just so good. Perfect mix of fighting, humour, and really beautiful sets (that Valkyrie flashback!!)

@Gargron I didn't care for the other Thors, but agree just saw it a couple days ago again and def. top 5 marvel.

@pth @Gargron Taika Waititi did an amazing job with it. He'd be my pick for replacing Gunn on GotG Vol. 3

@pth @Gargron To be honest the only Marvel movies I've watched more than once have been both Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Perhaps I should watch Ragnarok again.

@Gargron it's one of the only marvel movies that actually feels like it has a soul

@Gargron it's the only one that appealed to me as I'm not into comics but never got round to watching it :/

@Gargron I loved the way they developped Black Panther as well. Less humour but awesome acting and story.

@Gargron I haven't watched the whole movie yet but if that kickass scene playing the Immigrant Song is any indication, you may be right.

@lumpylouise @Gargron That was the only part of the movie I liked, although I'm an outlier. I like the character, but so far none of his solo movies.

@maradine What Zack Snyder wanted to be but never could

@Gargron I knew it would be my favorite 10 words into Cate Blanchett's first lines.

@Gargron i knew the movie was going to be amazing with the first 5 minutes

@Gargron seriously! i saw it on netflix a few weeks ago and i was hootin' and hollerin' about it, i loved it

@Gargron Ragnarok is a really entertaining comic book movie, it just wasn’t Thor. Thor is that arrogant, stuff guy from the first movie. 😃

But as far as Marvel movies go, if you think that was the best, obviously you haven’t seen Infinity War yet. 😉

@Gargron I only saw it a few weeks ago and was positively surprised. A good laugh it was.

@Gargron I agree. Apart from when Infinity War showed up and was even better 😅

@Gargron that valkyrie flashback is really something. And the bit where they have to call Hulk of from Surtur 😂

@Gargron i wish they give Taika the shot at GOTG vol 3.... he is the closest to James Gunn style.

@Gargron Avengers Infinity War would be my pick. First movie I've seen in the theater TWICE in decades. Just watched it a third time on blu ray.

I'd argue it's a great film in general, not just a great "super hero" movie.

@Gargron you know who did that Valkyrie lighting? Stu did that. Stu from “What we do in the shadows” Stu.

@Gargron it is great but for me it’s just a bit to much humor to make it feel weird-ish. It is though, definitely one of the best.

@Gargron and Korg is so wholesome. Give that rock a movie!

@Gargron au contraire. Infinity war is the best Marvel movie imho

@Gargron Black Panther, Ragnarok & Spiderman: Homecoming are the best marvel movies period

@Gargron It was fun, amd my ADD brain loved the quick pace.

I think I would have liked it better it had followed the mythology better. They basically swapped Loki and Hella's roles in the end. But it was a good movie.

@Gargron I read somewhere that the tech for that sequence was developed by a company owned by the guy who plays Stu in What We Do In The Shadows.

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