I added a list of apps for Android/iOS to

@Gargron ok. Thanks. So far, I'm undecided between tusky and mastalab. Haven't tried subway tooter yet though.

@Gargron Good idea!

But is Pawoo open-source? I read Apache licence, but couldn't find the source anywhere.

@Gargron That was I thought. But I found a odd that under licence in that app I read Apache licence. Oh well, they sponsor the project.

@Gargamel looks more pleasing than
Maybe you want to give F-Droid links and/or source-code links when available, too.

@Gargron A mature iOS client not on the list:

Also @tootapp, in beta, shows promise!

@Gargron perhaps you should add a disclaimer to the page, to specify that they are not concidered as official apps, just recommended :)

@Gargron I was put off downloading Pawoo because it didn’t look English but it’s actually really nice! :blobaww:

@Leee @Gargron did you get it to work on iOS? I’m stuck on the login screen for some reason

@meiners @Gargron yeah worked first time for me. I did have trouble logging in online and with a few other bits this morning I was guessing there’s just some issues

@Gargron Thanks! Just did a quick survey, Tusky still provides the nicest experience on Android IMO. Kind of wish there was one clear winner on Android, like Amarok on iOS.

@Gargron Hi. Is there any reason why my moderation request from over a week ago is unresolved?

@Gargron Add Tootdon to the iOS list. I’ve been enjoying it over Amaroq. Both are decent.

Nice, only one question. Some of those apps, in the Android case are available in #f-droid. Wouldn't it be nice to have the info to the f-droid repos?

@Gargron Come on, Tootdon is your sponsor and you left them out 😜

@Gargron maybe you could add twidere for Android :)

@bsod @Gargron

#gargron put Pawoo app as free, but this app has 2 trackers from Google, and is made by #pixiv which is a #sponsor of #mastodon.
only facts see the screenshoots

@Gargron in case if you haven't seen this yet, it looks like amaroq is currently not in active development.

@tockrock Oof, that's unfortunate. I use @tootapp myself but it's in closed beta and missing a lot of functionality for now

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