If anyone has any questions about the platform or the fediverse (federated universe!), I'll try to answer them! (But depending on how many I get, maybe not all of them 😅)

@Gargron I'd like to check out other instances, but I'm not even sure where to look for instructions. help the bronco?

@Bronco You can see a list on, a bigger list on; on each server you'll find a preview of the timeline.

@TheStupendousYappi @Bronco Mastalab has multi-account support if that's what you mean.

@Gargron @MayitaMayoso well, as long as nazis and fascists are forbidden, it still gonna be better than Twitter 😇

@Gargron is there a list of all the custom emojis on dot social somewhere?

@Gargron I haven't done the research ...have you figured out why the new huge wave of interest for masto all of a sudden?

@chaeseco It's hard to pinpoint all the factors, there's a lot of feedback loops ("virality"), but I think combination of the 2 years of foundational work over here, Twitter refusing to ban Alex Jones, Twitter killing 3rd party apps, and other unfavourable decisions. From there, word of mouth, a Wired article today, etc.

@Gargron awesome, hopefully the onslaught of people will bring good things.

@gargron @chaeseco Twitter recently banned a TON of leftist shitposters and all their backup accounts as well as recently making "Terf" a high priority slur. I came in with a wave of people just wanting to follow banned friends and have a decent admin policy. Got lucky that Eugen is the nicest and best.

@Gargron For me it was partly this TV-program with Marleen Stikker of Waag Institute that made me come back to Mastodon and even create an own instance

@chaeseco @Gargron twitter killing 3rd party clients and supporting nazis are the 2 main reasons

@Gargron I'll love to know your position on this My reason n1 to be here is that mastodon is supposed to be community driven .

@bitomule When there is a large community there are a lot of wildly different opinions. Someone still has to call the shots and steer it, make compromises between different groups; and that means a person to blame when it doesn't go your way. I am not perfect and do not claim to be, I am simply making this software the way I think is best.

@Gargron thank you! Just wanted to hear you position. I agree with the article than maybe a more complete review process and real user blocking would be nice. Again, thanks for answering and keep the good work!

@bitomule @Gargron I read the article and it really didn't hold up. I clicked on the links, and follow the GitHub Issues. Rather than supporting the author's statement, they read a lot like Eugen just got a lot of abuses hurled at from a bunch of entitled children.
I agree many of the concerns in these Issues were valid but the way people approach these requests is reprehensible. The author is reprehensible.

@Gargron If I use a smaller instance but all my friends are on, is there a part of the Mastodon experience they are getting that I am missing out on?

@char @Gargron Big instances like m.s have access to a larger group of people via the local and federated timelines, smaller instances tend to have a more cohesive culture and better moderation so there’s tradeoff in both directions.

I feel like the sweet spot is the 500-1500 users zone but that’s my personal preference

@char you’re only missing out on being a big m.s normie I think, do not worry

@Gargron is there a server platform out there you think is doing any cool, envelope pushing features with/around the standard?

@socialism_doer Envelope pushing... That's a tall order. PeerTube and Pixelfed are cool and promising platforms, but they are recreating something that already exists, but with a federated spin. Federation itself is a fantastic idea that transforms the way these platforms work, but the features are not necessarily unique.

@Ironraptor It's not ideal yet. You have to tell your followers to re-follow manually, but you can at least set a banner on your profile pointing to new account, and it will exclude your old account from mentions autocomplete.

@Ironraptor @Gargron you can export your following, block, and mute lists and you can put a tag on your old profile saying you’ve moved to a new account (all available in settings) but you cant make your followers autofollow the new account and your history (posts, interactions, etc) wont move

So, sorta?

@Gargron can admins set default themes for their instance?

@Gargron That's awesome. I've been trying to figure out how to do it on my instance, but couldn't find a way.

@zachbrooks Redecentralize the internet. Liberate social media from commercial ownership. Enable communities to self-govern.

@Gargron if I’m on server A and someone else is on server B. Nobody on server B is following me yet (so basically server B is unaware of me). If I interact with a user on server B, will my interactions reach them?

@robin Yes, interactions will always reach recipients.

@Gargron excellent! This is what I was hoping, but wasn’t sure about.

@robin @Gargron yes. If you’re having trouble pulling up something from server b to interact with, copying the address (include the https) of a post or user into the search bar will cause your server to fetch that post/user (i think remote interaction functionality is being made easier in an upcoming update though, so this may change)

@Gargron I just want to thank you for getting me off the bird site. I'm loving the vibes here.

@Gargron Is it necessary to use an app on my phone? I haven't yet and things appear to be okay, but what do I know? I'm a nube

@Gratefuldog No, the website is good enough on mobile, but native apps can be more performant.

@Gratefuldog @Gargron you’re fine without an app, the mobile site’s actually pretty nice :)

@Gargron How is it to set up and manage an instance for just yourself, and a few select others?

@torspedia You can use @mastohost to save yourself the technicalities. If you have a Ruby background it's super easy, if you have a general tech background it's slightly less easy but still okay.

@Gargron What does @mastohost do? Looked at it but couldn't see any 'about' information.

I don't really have much of a Ruby background, though it is something that I am thinking of learning... after Python!

@torspedia @mastohost It is a hosting provider. You pay something, they setup a Mastodon instance for you where you're the admin, but they take care of all the tech issues.

@Gargron That sounds good, will have to try and remember them, as I don't have any spare money right now! @mastohost

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