@yuri56 That bullshit doesn't work on me man.

@websitelover @Gargron @yuri56 if you ban this fucker I’ll send you a bottle of cheap champagne, Eugen.

@Gargron @yuri56 when talking about nazis in the present tense, nazi in is short for Neo-nAZI btw

@Gargron @yuri56 looks like Yuri isn't done being dragged yet. Good. I would hate to have missed this or failed to add him to my block list.

Welcome to mastodon. The "b-b-but look at venezuela" thing has zero power here because most of us know the history and current affairs of what remains of communist venezuela, and can likely explain more about it to you than you currently know.

@Gargron @yuri56 "That bullshit doesn't work on me man". How can I pin someone else's toot to my profile? We love you, Eugen

@Gargron hell yeah Eugen. I'm glad I started using this site again

@Gargron @yuri56 anybody have a screen grab or something because it looks like yuri got dragged right off the site.

@Gargron @yuri56 I love that this smack down has gone viral on that other site

@Gargron @yuri56 just subbed here because of this

gl on the network 😀

@Gargron i cant even see what he was responding to whoever eugen blew off is just in another fucking realm now

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