I believe Mastodon v2.5.0 is soon to follow 😊

@Gargron Please, oh please, don't upgrade like that Bird Site upgrades.

@Gargron stahp with these updates, it forces me to work, i don't want to :<

@Gargron let's imagine a cool naming scheme based on the prehistoric creatures...

@Gargron Looked through the documentation for an "upgrade your instance" guide, but couldn't find one. Any pointers? 🙂

@Gargron Features not to include:
- Ordering TLs according to analytics.
- TL content tossing in useless stuff from VIPs we don't follow
- Allowing 50 freaks on the same thread causing it to never die.
- Automatic locking accounts until you enter your phone number after you Toot FUCK THIS SHIT!
- Expanded names

@TheXclass @Gargron ...and need I add:
- Randomly barfing up four year-old toots into my timeline.

@Gargron ready to upgrade and check it out. Just tell us when!

@Gargron Can't wait dude! Thats the one that fixes language filtering right? Good work and thank you for your hard work!

Whatever your cooking up sounds great.
As soon as you feel like it’s ready will be fine.

@Gargron Thank you for your *great* work in building this _awesome_ platform!

I sadly don’t know Rails much but I may be able to help with Ruby-level stuff, if you have core or performance issues for example. (I implemented Ruby twice :)), feel free to ping me, I plan to look at the issues list as well.

@Gargron Any chance you can get a federated search going? What about signed toots?
Also, exporting toots when migrating?

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