Damn the new GMail design is really bad, isn't it.

@Gargron Just think of it as an advertisement for SMTP and IMAP?

@Gargron Finally. Years of endured mockery for still using hotmail finally worth it

@Gargron It's not easy to get used to, that's certain. I may go back, if I can..

@Gargron it's like they just added a few things and was like"OMG COME CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME BETA!"

@Gargron yep, I use email client Canary to wrest control over gmail and others.

@Gargron It really is.
It irks me when companies revamp GUIs just for something to do and make it look like they're making improvements.

@Gargron I only ever use gmail in apps, so the website looks completely different every time I have to go there.

I don’t even store the design in my long term memory now because of it.

@Gargron I disagree, in my opinion it's much cleaner.
But why do you think it is bad? :)

@Gargron me @ google after they gave me an intrusive dumb window to show it to me : thanks I hate it

@Gargron It's times like these I'm glad I switched to thunderbird and never looked back

@Gargron Someone at google needs to be fired.

Half the time I can't even open my E-mails anymore.

@Gargron Truth. I can’t find things I’m looking right at.

@Gargron thought I might be alone in this sentiment. It hurts my head.

@Gargron I was complaining about it today. I find the font difficult to read and there’s so visual hierarchy on the page, it’s just a massive pile of closely kerned text 😫

Yeah but I dig the new features! Wasn't @google killing Gmail?

@Gargron What don’t you like about? I’ve not given it a close look yet.

@Gargron i don't know if it is because I'm Scandinavian but I like the light, rounded and open design.

@Gargron so bad I read all my mail through Apple mail, sadly.

@Gargron i hate it a lot. it's just so much more cluttered and difficult to use for no reason.

Anny hint on how to set it back to how it was? I'm lost.

@Gargron my biggest issue isn't the design itself but it seems to take so much longer to load now

@Gargron It's one of those things that you get used to a few hours in.

@Gargron It... looks almost exactly the same? What is there to even complain about? This entire thread makes me feel like I'm losing my mind.

@erics just because you don't have any issues, doesn't mean it's the same for everyone.

For example, when skimming through my inbox, I like to be able to view the date on the right side. The new design hides the email date when you hover your mouse over, and shows four icons instead.

I'm sure there are other changes that I might not notice, everyone has different workflow. Maybe try to make useful comment instead of being edgy.

@Gargron It really is. But I switched to Inbox long time ago ...

@Gargron it indeed is. Too many empty spaces for my liking. Even in compact mode, it is not compact enough.

@Gargron I know right? Soo many needless popups whenever your cursor hovers over something…

@Gargron Just clicked the button to switch. Compact isn't too different. At least not to me.

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