Damn the new GMail design is really bad, isn't it.

@Gargron We use Gmail for our work accounts, and I immediately switched back to the Classic view.

@Gargron Just think of it as an advertisement for SMTP and IMAP?

@Gargron Finally. Years of endured mockery for still using hotmail finally worth it

@Gargron It's not easy to get used to, that's certain. I may go back, if I can..

@Gargron it's like they just added a few things and was like"OMG COME CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME BETA!"

@Techie_Dad @Gargron You're right! Much ado about nothing! The new default interface even seems more cluttered.

@mattyou_daley @Gargron I agree...its just Google trying to drum up some hype, that's all.

@Gargron yep, I use email client Canary to wrest control over gmail and others.

@Gargron It really is.
It irks me when companies revamp GUIs just for something to do and make it look like they're making improvements.

@gargron Very very bad. I'm continually impressed for Google's designers to make everything 10000% worse.

@Gargron I only ever use gmail in apps, so the website looks completely different every time I have to go there.

I don’t even store the design in my long term memory now because of it.

@Gargron I disagree, in my opinion it's much cleaner.
But why do you think it is bad? :)

@Gargron me @ google after they gave me an intrusive dumb window to show it to me : thanks I hate it

@Gargron It's times like these I'm glad I switched to thunderbird and never looked back

@Gargron Someone at google needs to be fired.

Half the time I can't even open my E-mails anymore.

@Gargron Truth. I can’t find things I’m looking right at.

@Gargron thought I might be alone in this sentiment. It hurts my head.

@Gargron I was complaining about it today. I find the font difficult to read and there’s so visual hierarchy on the page, it’s just a massive pile of closely kerned text 😫

@kerriepants @Gargron Yup, exactly the same complaints here! And it's WAY less obvious when there's an unread email in a mailbox/filter thingo too!

Yeah but I dig the new features! Wasn't @google killing Gmail?

@Gargron What don’t you like about? I’ve not given it a close look yet.

@r000t @Gargron or @Tutanota. 2 beautiful and privacy friendly options, unlike google...

@elliot231 @r000t @Gargron We'd love you to try Tutanota: 👍 We've just re-built our entire client based on @mkfnch's design & feedback was very positive. Would love to hear yours! 😉

@Gargron i don't know if it is because I'm Scandinavian but I like the light, rounded and open design.

@Gargron so bad I read all my mail through Apple mail, sadly.

@Gargron i hate it a lot. it's just so much more cluttered and difficult to use for no reason.

Anny hint on how to set it back to how it was? I'm lost.

@Gargron my biggest issue isn't the design itself but it seems to take so much longer to load now

@Gargron It's one of those things that you get used to a few hours in.

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