@Gargron I'm sure you have more important things to do than help out a single user instance runner in over their head but I updated to 2.5.0rc1 and now a good number of my pages are not loading correctly. Seems to affect profile pages, the about this instance page and a few admin pages. Other pages seem fine. No errors during update and looking at mastodon logs via journalctl doesnt show any errors. Non-docker with apache as webserver running on Linux Mint. Any advice would be appreciated!


@radical Non-docker - have you run rails assets:precompile?

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@Gargron Hm, I think I did as I was going down the list of instructions in the release notes but I do recall the update being conspicuously quick, and that step should probably take a while shouldnt it? Its possible I skipped over it by accident. If I were to run it again having already done so that wouldnt be a problem would it? Just so I could double check.

@Gargron Actually looks like that was the issue. Guess I just skipped over the step by accident x_x oops. Thanks for the help!

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