For users:

Dogpiling and harassment are off-limits no matter how justified you think you are. The rules are for everyone.

Strongly considering adding screenshot-dunking to the code of conduct as well. We don't need that culture here.

@crushv @Gargron Where you post a screenshot of a post that you think is dumb and everybody talks shit and/or laughs in the replies to that photo

Krang Nelson on twitter does it for 99% of his tweets

@LeftCoast It's not our server most of this stuff was coming from.

@Gargron anti-screenshot dunking seems like a very fair rule to add--especially since Mastodon was specifically designed *without* quote-tooting for that reason

@regal @Gargron …and quotes are more honest because they link to the original post and may have a chance to respect blocks or deletion where screenshots do not and are trivial to fake.

@Gargron what is screenshot dunking? I've noticed many don't know what it is.

@PrincessBunny @Gargron it's basically a quote tweeting but u screenshot the toot in question then dis it and every one else does too

@Gargron I don't think anyone has a problem with harassment/dogpiling being banned, what many of us are questioning/taking issue with is how you're defining harassment, and that it's not spelled out which things are banned (cursing? BOFA and similar jokes? etc)

@Gargron What is screenshot dunking? I can't even find the meaning with Google or Urban Dictionary. This term is new to me.

@Gargron @PrincessBunny
Thanks for the explanation! Whether it's allowed or not, I promise not to do it. I'd prefer to be nicer.

@Gargron a large number of users responding critically to a poorly thought out staff decision is dogpiling, huh?

@maolfunction No, what's happened with Wil Wheaton is dogpiling.

@Gargron it's more like people are seeing a dangerous precedent being set by the way staff on .cloud and .social handled the whole situation that will benefit abusers, but we'll agree to disagree it appears.

@maolfunction .cloud's decision to suspend wil has indeed benefitted abusers in this case.

@Gargron lol. this is why trans communities will never feel safe anywhere. so easy to turn victims of abuse into abusers for standing up to their harassers.

@Gargron @maolfunction disagreements are not abuse? trans people have very little power to enact online abuse on cisgender men? this space should prioritise the well-being of transgender folks over cis dudes period??? what the fUCK??????

@Gargron on a serious note as someone who is fairly new here, this shit is embarrassing to watch. the same structures that are used to silence trans people for literally naming their oppression are being replicated while mods coddle those who enact said oppression, by leaping to their beck and call when someone bruises their ego.

@Gargron oh + LMK since when asking someone to denounce an abuser - who just so happens to be their “best friend” - is abuse, cos frankly as a survivor myself I find that comparison crass to say the least. you fucked up dude.

@bb_almond "this account mocks fascists" oh what a soft lil lad

@bb_almond @Gargron hoping he'll see the light on this.

Meanwhile, Wil "this account still coddles abusers" Wheaton is the worst.

It has harmed the entire fediverse. Mastodon just failed its first serious test.

I feel like you're thinking of abuse on an exclusively individualistic level while ignoring the abuses against larger groups. I don't think that reflects your politics or anything, but I don't think you're right here. It got to a point where everyone was worried he was going to do here what he did on twitter, because he clearly has power, and everyone did what they could to call him out and draw attention, like a riot.

@maolfunction He was not actively harming anyone. He has clarified about the blocklist thing. You have every right to suspend him from your instance, but chasing him off from someone else's server through dogpiling was wrong.

@Gargron @maolfunction fam, "clarified the blocklist thing" is just not true. it's a lazy excuse. he advertised the list long after he knew about the problems. oh, and he STILL has to denounce his best friend, the abuser.

@Gargron @maolfunction you have absolutely nothing to win in defending wil "shut up, wesley" wheaton. not moral superiority, not love of his "fans", not support of the LGBTQI+ community. what are you doing, baby?

@labpleb @maolfunction I am doing what I think is right. If you don't like it, switch to a server where the policies align with your values more closely.

@Gargron @maolfunction this is a discourse - i want THIS to be a good place for peeps. i like the community, i just don't like how this situation was and is being handled by you and the mods. and others clearly think so, too.

@labpleb @maolfunction And yet others think differently. I even get DMs from people who are too afraid to agree with me publicly for fear of being the next target. That's absolutely not the right kind of community atmosphere.

@Gargron @maolfunction but you're blocking off. not one issue about this night's moderation was resolved. why did a mod with severe personal stuff to process, have to handle THIS situation, too. that's bad for both them AND literally everyone else involved. users should not have to wait UNTIL after the punishment was lifted to get to know WHY they were being punished.

@labpleb @Gargron @maolfunction Oh no! He didn’t placate you with a lie where he pretends to have regret of having befriended a bad person.

@Gargron his being on the instance was actively harming the entire trans community because of his prior actions against them. He's also sided with a sexual abuser.

You tell me how people were supposed to feel safe with him here when his past actions that have hurt huge groups of people are well documented. He was reported, staff felt he didn't do anything wrong. So he was heckled and criticized by users on the fediverse. Telling people to suck it up and move on was never going to work.

@maolfunction That's nonsense. If you ban him from your server no one there will see him. You're saying he bothers you if he just exists *somewhere*, well, he's still going to exist somewhere!

@Gargron @maolfunction mmm, i think you're missing it here garg and might wanna step away for a bit to think about this one

@bea @Gargron @maolfunction yes, get some sleep, talk to your mods, make a blog post, engage openly. please!! ❤️

@Gargron That's kind of missing the point. I'm not trying to be antagonistic and I feel like there's a lot of emotion mixed up in this exchange which is something I'm trying to get away from.

Blocking Wheaton is a workaround to the root problem and it creates precedence on the instance that more insidious people like Blair White will exploit if they catch wind. I don't want to block a huge instance because of 100s of bad apples.

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