@JigmeDatse @Gargron Wil has written about his experience so everything went according to plan for him. He's now the victim and those dang trans people are an angry mob running away their allies. Everyone saw this coming and I hope nothing is changed because of this. I don't care about people's opinions on what happened, I care about how much will get changed if/when this happens again.

@JigmeDatse @Gargron Like, what are you going to do when nazis see how this went and start showing up? Will it be okay as long as they don't have a history over here and never say nazi stuff? This should be a lesson learned for lots of people including Eugen. The world ain't nice and some people know what they are talking about.


@Granddad @JigmeDatse@mastodon.art Nazis also know how to weaponize callout culture to wreak havoc on leftist spaces, though.

@Gargron @JigmeDatse I agree with you about "callout culture" and will even go as far to admit that this is what in kinda turned into. I think there should be some reflection as to why a person is getting called out. A person saying, "oh no I'm attacked" should not mean they get the full defense force.

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