To be more transparent about server blocks, I have decided to follow the example of others and publish a list:

That list is now linked from our about page. It also explains how different block severities work.

You might notice that is on the list. It's at the very least a temporary measure because our mods had to deal with a lot of problematic content coming from that place yesterday.

@Gargron it might be kind of neat if the Instance objects in the API could include things like the block list and a sanitized HTML version of the code of conduct, etc. so clients could build in inspectors for that stuff. (I'm thinking having a little "Code of Conduct" button on a client's posting UI, for example, might not be a bad idea.)

@Gargron can we get instance block tools like we have on reports? Notes, and maybe a timer for less permanent blocks, like a timeout if local drama floods other timelines?

@Gargron is there at least a threshold of % of users contributing to harrassment that should be met before a big ol muting? or like, how recurring the harrassment is?

this instance-wide-muting measure is seemingly extremely heavy-handed when this appears to be the first offense - and both sides claiming harrassment via various means

@Gargron @computerghoul It would be sensible to provide evidence of the harrassment, but I think I trust your judgement.

@ster @computerghoul I can say that our mods thought it was necessary, but we might find a compromise.

@Gargron @ster @computerghoul i really gotta tell ya that Laurelai is another bad faith actor ala will Wheaton. I have an entire thread on this.

Laurelai Bailey 

@Gargron bringing up rape accusations brought up against Laurelai is not misogyny, It's demanding accountability for abuse

@jizzwitch @Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul I believe Laurelai is referring to the allegations against her as the slander in question.

@stuxnetsource @jizzwitch @Gargron @ster @computerghoul Excuse me for not finding the accusation of "reactionary" to be slanderous. Nor do I find "making a case" to be a terrible activity, since it is what you are doing right now.

So the only meaningful activity you're referencing is that repeated the allegations against you, which you are now trying to construe as "slandering critics"

This is nonsense and you know it.

@jizzwitch @Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster Laurelai how are we to properly respond to you if you keep deleting your toots!!!

@jizzwitch @Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul My god Eugen. It's very obvious you have a grudge again the bofa instance now. You really just going to believe anything people tell you about them? You spent 2 days talking about "accusations are nothing without proof" and someone pops up and throws accusations and you're like, "word?"

@Granddad @jizzwitch @Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul That's one of the saddest things about "civil discourse" nowadays.
If I give proof of something you don't want to hear, it's an allegation.
If I give an allegation of something you do want to hear, it's proof.

@Gargron @computerghoul @ster @stuxnetsource

huh. Every time I look at my Admin Sense tingles and says "you should block this instance"; I was talking about this with my SO yesterday and they didn't see it but now I feel pretty vindicated on this.

Hi it's me arthurs friend we talked the other day about instances and comics, I cannot cautioun you strongly enough against taking Laurelais accusations at face value, if you want to DM me I would be happy to explain but suffice to say she is Not Reliable at all
@stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul @Gargron

Lol no he's not

He's criticizing Laurelai who has been accused of rape multiple times by multiple women, and who has been blocked from our instance as a result
@stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul

@Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul
Would you like to see some receipts Eugen because I can provide them and would be incredibly happy to

@Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul
Also should be noted that she's been blocked preemptively from BofA for exactly this reason, along with her instances, so the only way she should know this is by evading a block

Which is kind of fucked up on it's own!

@Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul
I'm sure you'll be reasonable and consider this information and not ignore another trans woman because I happen to not feed your confirmation bias

@Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul hi eugen i asked laurelai for some proof that people were threatening her wtih the police and she linkedme to this toot, which is not remotely the thing she claims it is

if this aint proof shes acting in bad faith and trying to get you to issue sanctions against bofa because we tell people about the accusations against her, you're blind

@Gargron you do realize that stuxnetsource is a serial rapist? like it would take 10 whole minutes of research to figure this out.

she was unhappy with the moderation decisions of selfagency and decided to go on misinformation campaign like she does everytime she doesn’t get her way

and your taking what she says at face value

if there is any /real/ evidence to substantiate her claims i would love to see it bc as far as i can tell there is absolutely none

@stuxnetsource @Gargron @ster am I buggin or does it take three seconds of Google to find this out

@Gargron @ster @computerghoul It's a shitposter instance, these kind of instances usually generate harassment. The name speaks for itself.

@Gargron the instance moderation tools need some love. Basics like local notes and a timer for the block like filters. A great advanced feature would be to show a list of the instance admins and options to start a DM with them, or even an api backend to share moderation notes between local and remote instances.
Moderation and blocking is important, but we could stand to support some dialog between groups at the admin and moderator level!

@crazypedia @Gargron Given that the reason for putting bofa in the sandbox was in part because their mod sanctions harassment of mods from other instances I'd suggest that a tool to make it easier to reply in kind is a bad idea.

@Fellixe @Gargron you're right, so have a switch to flip to block the mods too? I'd hope there could be some sort of compromise so that most moderators could act in good faith when dealing with other moderators?

@Gargron Perhaps a good feature would be the ability to share/import server blocks?

@ramsey I don't think shared server blocklists are a good idea. It's better for every admin to examine the accuracy of the decision, otherwise something like the Randi Harper situation can happen again but on a much larger scale.

@Gargron I’m unfamiliar with that situation, and I can’t find any news source on it that’s not Breitbart or related in some way to the alt-right. 😔

@ramsey Right. Randi Harper made the original ggautoblocker which was promoted as a way to block gamergaters on Twitter. It was quite necessary and I used it myself. However apparently later on she added trans activists she didn't like to the blocklist on the basis of disagreement. So those trans people were suddenly blocked by most of Twitter. That's the danger of someone else managing a shared blocklist.

@Gargron Oh, I see. This was the crux of what happened with wilw yesterday, then. Yeah, I get that. I don’t necessarily mean a way to use a blocklist managed by someone else, but more like a way to export/import blocklists, so I could download yours and import it and choose which ones to keep and which to remove from the block list. Maybe it’s not necessary, but it would help new admins setting up instances, so they don’t have to enter lots if servers to their initial list.

If you need a blocklist it means you need a new instance

@Vopo @Gargron I was specifically speaking as an admin of an instance interested in importing instance-level blocklists of other instance admins I trust.

A blocklist is too much power to cede even if you trust them. It would make your server fundamentally undemocratic.

@Vopo Again, I was not suggesting that I would cede control to anyone. I wasn’t recommending a feature for someone else to control my server’s blocklist. 😀

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