Want to know which languages Mastodon is translated into?

There are many languages with very incomplete translations, for example Malay and Asturian, and Welsh has only been added a few days ago. Anyone can submit translations on Weblate!

One thing that absolutely sucks about Weblate is that it's a weak-ass piece of Python and linking to it from my account brings it down immediately. Sorry

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@Gargron Maybe there is something wrong with your setup then, it's not really Python fault ;-)

@Gargron I'm dropping a response here to point my new contact @sk towards the translation activity, because I think she'll find it interesting.

@Gargron Speaking of which, the React translations for Corsican and Ido don't seem to be working. Everything just shows up in English, and it doesn't seem to be a problem with the files themselves?

@Gargron Ah, nevermind, I just figured it out. There's no built-in support for those with react-intl, so we need to provide our own locale data, which I'll start working on right now.

So many languages already! Great work!

How does it come though that of all languages, English is at 99.9% instead of at 100%?

@Gargron would be nice to fix that empty string in english in Backend :/ (string no. 543)

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