Hmmm is there a way to add more disks to an existing Hetzner machine? I definitely do not see a UI for that. Maybe I'd need to contact customer support for that? Did anyone do this before?

@Gargron ah sorry, didn't expand properly. This assumes dedicated.

@saper I have dedicated servers!

Still if I wanted to upgrade everything in place, I would have to take the replica server offline, and last I did that the difference was somewhat noticeable, so in the end I might have to add another machine to the cluster permanently.

@Gargron I don't know the details of your set up.... Are you going to upgrade ?

@saper Yes, I need a bigger storage capacity for the database

@Gargron This is not the same thing :) ... What kind of replication are you running now?

@saper Well, I am not going to upgrade the PostgreSQL version as there is no need. I mean, 10 sounds nice, but I think it would be unnecessary risk and I can't use the new features in Mastodon code yet because most people will still be on 9.6

One master and one hot streaming replica.

@Gargron You could add another replica, yes. Are there reasons why you can't expand the filesystem live?

@saper I don't remember where I read it but I think Hetzner takes the machine offline to install a new disk. If you think about it, they have to take it from the rack and put a piece of hardware inside, so it kind of makes sense.

@Gargron Since ~1997 SCSI disks could be added live to the system, I guess your box can do it. That's the way dead disks are getting replaced in RAID.

@Gargron anyway I'd check with them. they know their job. most of the servers have disk bays exposed easily. what filesystem/volume manager do you run postgres data on? can you expand it easily (like in )?

@Gargron @saper I wonder if you could use CockroachDB (, since it's essentially a drop in Postgres replacement, (uses the same client API and drivers), but supports horizontal scaling, so you could just deploy new db instances as you need more database storage.

@saper @Gargron I don't think the performance is 100% that of Postgres, but the 2.0 release it's rather close. It is basically an open-source replica of the Google Spanner database, (built by the guys that originally made the GIMP btw).

@MatejLach @Gargron Performance is one thing, transactions guarantees another (they claim serializability now).

I have unfortunately no experience with them, so I'd need to do lots of testing before jumping water.

In the meantime, adding a disk and designing better and less wasterful schema may help :)

@saper @Gargron I have used CDB personally, but mostly for testing. No major production deployments yet, but in my testing I have found it reliable, so I'd say it's definitely worth an investigation.

In the short term, just adding an additional volume is definitely safest & easiest.

@Gargron depends on your subscription. You should talk to the support.

@Gargron sounds like a customer service / give us money thing

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