Mastodon is written in Ruby. The creator of Ruby, @matz is on Mastodon (albeit inactive). Mastodon uses Sidekiq for background processing. The creator of Sidekiq, @mperham is on Mastodon. It's kind of a bizarre feeling.

@Gargron can't wait for tim berners-lee to join us and shitpost about rubber chickens

@Gargron is mastodon written on rails? the creator of rails is still making fun of bad companies on birdsite =]

@Gargron @rms is here too. But he's not using Mastodon. Possibly because the interface is way too modern and easy to use.

@lertsenem It's not even him on there. Just a script really.

@Niquarl I think I once saw him posting an excuse because the script failed and stopped and he only noticed it months later. But yeah, it looks like it's mostly automated posts from his webpage.

Still, being able to say that I'm on the same social network as Stallman is always a nice conversation starter with geeks. :]

@Mainebot @matz @mperham That's less interesting though. That's boring old me.

@gargron @matz @mperham lies, I heard it was a robot that disassembled itself after it finished 1.0

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