@Gargron I’m very much enjoying the custom CSS!

@Gargron I get the old profile if I just open it, but the new one if I open it on a new page. Is that intended?

@Gargron Any chance we can get the ability to do username changing?

@anthness @Gargron Admittedly not a full solution but what you could do while your account is still fairly new is make the new account with the username you desire-> Then go into your profile settings on this account and at the bottom is account migration to direct this profile to the new one you made. You can also export who you are following. (sadly not a way to keep consistent followers from a migration right now)

@JB @Gargron yeah. That’s what I didn’t want to do since I have started this profile and done stuff with it. They need a way to edit usernames as well as do something with dead accounts.

@anthness @Gargron I haven't hosted my own instance before but I would figure the admin of the instance could technically edit that possibly. In your case it would be Gargron but I don't think it has to be added to the Mastodon project itself.

@JB @Gargron Yeah. There should be an option for that, but like you said. I dont think the ability to do it has been impkemented just yet. I should probably create an issue for it on GitHub.

Federation relays sound so promising!
My use case is that I have a personal instance, but want to join a range of communities and want to engage with them on a many to one basis. At the moment, that only seems possible through remote follows each time I find an interesting post. Was it designed for this use?
Really pleased about it anyway! 👍👍

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