Hey Mastodon sysadmins, what kind of cool shit would you like to see tootctl do?

@codl I'm not an ascii artist so I can't really promise that at all

@pandora_parrot A command-line interface for Mastodon administration/maintenance

@Gargron Niiiice. I would love the ability to handle database migrations, upgrades, exports, etc. Like, if I wanted to easily move from a docker-based installation to a non-docker one, or move servers, etc. (I'm not much of a sysadmin and still learning that stuff, so maybe that's already easy, idk.)

@pandora_parrot Hnngg I don't know how much of that can be truly compacted down into a single command. There's just many ways it could be setup, that's why there's separate commands.

But hey maybe having user export on the CLI would be cool. Like we already have that function in the UI but just connect it to the CLI...

@Gargron ooh yeah. user exports would be great.

What about invite generation? Like, my instance is a private RL friends only instance. So I generate invites a lot. A CLI could be handy.

@Gargron webpack:compile --superfast (jk)
Metrics, like CPU, MEM, Disk usage

@Gargron user and admin management. Basically anything I would currently have to use the Rails console for

@Gargron turning a user into an admin, deleting accounts .. those two actions were the last time I used the console

@moritzheiber The former is a rake task, but yes, okay.

Probably also restoring deleted accounts by reattaching a new user model to a username, huh

@Gargron testing the configuration would also be awesome.. i.e. sending an email, or trigger an event/sidekiq job

- easier user account creation
- user account deletion

those are the two that directly come to my mind

@Gargron Make more people interested in joining my instance :(

@Gargron Easily perform clean operations on the instance, like removing media older than xx months, unused accounts,...

@Gargron posting a toot to all local accounts (with notification) to announce a maintenance operation (for example)

- Cleanups (removing old files, etc)
- Backup creation (and recovery from one)
- Version update would be nice ^_^

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