Mastodon is on XKCD! (And the misspelling was corrected!)

@Gargron this is sadly probably the thing that will outlive mastodon... 1000 years from now when everyone has forgotten about the fediverse you know someone has a floating orb archive of XKCD somewhere on their solarpunk island...

@wakest @Gargron And no one will understand the language, let alone the comic. AIs of the time included.

@Snarky @Gargron like most 'valuable' things in museum. It will be saved only because it was loved in its time by people with 'power'

@Gargron Oh wait the misspelling wasn't intentional? I thought it was poking at the people misspelling it...

@gaditb @gargron yea I thought it was a joke too, I mean to misspell it twice

@Gargron Petition to rename Mastodon to Mastadon, but only until the xkcd gets changed back!

@gargron cool maybe one day he’ll also treat the fediverse with more than condescension

@gargron this comic is using us as a joke and perpetuates the perceived inevitability of centralized social media, imo

As it’s primarily been. And I’m annoyed with it

@matilde Ah i see. Well as they say, first they laugh at you. This is a big win. In this comic we are literally on the same level as LinkedIn, a multimillion company

@Gargron That's the reason I joined 😂

@Gargron never heard of mastodon until XKCD. It’s also how I discovered kerbal space program!

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