So this is how democracy dies. With thunderous applause

@Gargron None of these people looks like they would know the first thing about how the Internet works.
[cut to...]
[2019 expert hearings] "So please explain again why we can't magically filter all content flawlessly?"

@Gargron the visual resemblence to star wars is uncanny, too

@Gargron I think this alarm about #article13 being the end of the free internet is exaggerated. Only bigger platforms (so basically YT and FB) are concerned in the first place. And they already have #uploadfilters in place, don't they? Moreover YT is licensing content anyway.

Smaller self hosted blogs, #fediverse sites are not affected at all. So is Github and Wikipedia, even Wikimedia.

I'm not happy with the #copyrightdirective but I neither see the end of the free internet.

@johmue @Gargron Why do you think that only big sites need upload filters?The German tchnology magazine says that every site needs them,even small blogs which allow comments.No,that doesn't make any sense but the whole law doesn't make sense so it's not that hard to believe that Netzpolitik is right.

@nipos @Gargron The accepted text explicitly says that small businesses are not affected.

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