I'm not quite happy with how the "edit profile" interface looks. The added hints below metadata fields disrupt the flow 😕

@Gargron Isn't the the point of the little mastodon button in the top left?

@Gargron Or is this a custom link to another site not instance home?

@Gargron is the domain thingy clickable? do txt records for verification work?

@Gargron I like the feature, it's a nice idea. But the whole section should be a fieldset with "Profile metadata" being the legend. Every input needs a label.

@Gargron please also note - when photos above 4mb are being uploaded as a background the whole thing crashes!

@Gargron Can I make a request for that screen? Could you change the titles of:

Label -> Title
Content -> Link

I think it would make a bit more sense to regular folks.

@Gargron Have you ever considered using Wikidata for "verified" users and for follow suggestions?

@Gargron Wikidata is the structured data project from wikipedia, but let me just show you directly a prototype of what I have in mind: tinyurl.com/y99l7ubk . This is quick and dirty, but it could be extended to also include objective measure of how famous those entities are and there are already 10s of thousands of people working on fighting spam over there. As you can see, I am slightly obsesed with wikidata these days 😜

@chucker @Gargron A sligtly better prototype: tinyurl.com/y9spytlq . The gist of the idea is this: Instead of having "Verified" badges from some autorit(y|ies), which is probably going to centralize on a few key players, we can reuse all the work the wikipedia community does for what they call "authority control", proving that something has some notoriety. Proving democraticly that the fsf (wikidata.org/wiki/Q48413 ) is notorious can be done automatically if # of wiki articles > 10.

@chucker @Gargron Wikidata also contains the mastodon handle for people, corporations and more. We can check that the handle is in Wikidata for an entity that is notable enough in the language of the user and automatically apply the handle this way. We can also reuse the same data for follow suggestions for new users.

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