I was a bit worried that the Kotaku article made Mastodon sound like an insular closed club, but judging by all the new sign ups there's probably no better way to make people want to sign up than to suggest that something is exclusive...

Do you have the numbers of how many people signed up since?

@Gargron Time to label my livestreams as an exclusive social event

@Gargron Sorry, but I really can't let you whitewash this fence. It has to be done just so, and only special people have the talent to do it.

@Gargron It's a reference to "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer".
Tom convinces the other kids to paint the fence for him, by convincing them that it's a very exclusive privilege to do so.

@arensb Oh right, I remember that. I hadn't heard "whitewash" in its literal meaning for many years.

@Gargron I like the look of this far more than I do twitter, I just recently dropped facebook and twitter, but need to keep my social media stuff up because im a photographer so hopefully tooting will be the new thing <3

@Gargron Its a very exclusive club only people with at least one (1) fursona are allowed to join. If you don't yet have a fursona you better get one fast!

Jokes aside though I do think this site does have is a bit more exclusive but more if you're a jerk you're going to have to make your own instance because no one is going to want your nasty butt in their community.

@Gargron Three of the four instances they mention by name are still open for signup. Bold.

@Gargron I signed up because of the Kotaku article. Said this was "not Twitter". I'm in

@hogart @Gargron haha ya I read and watched some articles and I think I've got the hang of it


now I'm gonna "invent" a microblogging platform that's "only" open for subscriptions two days a year

call it Solstice even though it's on the equinoxes

account creation charge: five thousand dollars

@Gargron I am still trying to grasp my head around it. For example I want to follow people or hashtags that like No Man's Sky. How does a person do that?

@Gargron It's a good piece, and I'm glad they properly contextualized the network even if the "exclusive" talk was a bit much.

@Gargron I honestly thought it would be an inclusive thing, but I decided to sign up anyway.... despite not knowing what to do now lol

@Gargron I admit to signing up, because I saw you on Kotaku, but I never fully trust Kotaku.

@Gargron That happens a lot apparently, specially when you’re trying to push a product but you know, I think it’s working too! 😄

@Gargron I'd actually never heard of this system before the Kotaku article. But they did make it sound like a friendly place. Which is, sadly, a rarity in the social media landscape these days. That appealed to me.

@Gargron I'm working on an exclusive one for my community. I hope I get noticed one day.

@Gargron I found this on Google+ it was in my feed. I'm not understanding the "federated" part. I went to look for other sites, and it looks like you have to go through the signup process all over again for each site? How is that "Federated"?

@carhauler @Gargron that's a bit of a misconception. You typically only need an account on one instance. Then, the instance you are on can talk to other instances.

For example, I am not on, or using the Mastodon software at all. Instead I host another federated software called Pleroma. Via federation instances of different software send events to each other and receive events. So I can see and respond to you, and you can see and respond to me even though we are on different sites.

@brainblasted @Gargron So what level of "sysadmin" do you have to be in order to create your own?

@carhauler @Gargron depends on how you want to set it up. There are services like that can host for you, or one-click installs, and you can set stuff up manually. Manually requires some knowledge of SSH, HTTPS, maybe git, database software, and how to build the respective software.

@brainblasted @Gargron I'm a one click install kinda sysadmin. Think I'll try that route. Thanks for the help and I will call on you when I get after it.❤️

@Gargron I don’t think it’s just about exclusivity; I think part of it is a feeling that online communities just work better at smaller scales. See also this Verge article about the joy of “internet ghost towns”

@Gargron Little Big Horn strategy. It worked for me. I'm brand new.

@Gargron I think the bullying that occurred to Will Wheaton have many, including myself, wondering if there’s any difference here. Same social media pile ups and gamer gate nonsense.

@Gargron I didn't feel like it's very exclusive. I'd say all press is good press.

Although I'm hella confused. Why did a new window open after I wanted to reply to this tweet (what are tweets called on mastodon?)

@Gargron Here I am also from that same Article. From 2 days ago. :thinkhappy:

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