@kandyelmo @Gargron is there another douchebag kid who needs free chicken nuggets?

@Gargron If @Twitter@twitter.com deletes their account, does that delete Twitter for everyone?

Because I want them to delete their account now.

@Gargron how much do i have to pay you to get this kind of brand engagement garg

@shaderphantom i can engage with your brand for free using this emote: :welp:

Hey, they've got poor judgment on everything else, why not beer 🤷🏿‍♂️

@Gargron You know what? This is very on brand with these idiots.

@Gargron tells a lot about bird site and where their focus is. $$$$$$$$$$

@Gargron now they should do a collaboration with Bad Dragon. Just imagine the possibilities!

@Gargron Here. This might make you feel better. Nike and Google pwn an islamoxenophobe. Not that they're particularly nice corporatist entities but...

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