Is that a lot of new sign ups i see? What's up?

Uh, not a fan of the Spanish colonization jokes fellas.

@Gargron @MissPeggySue Not having knowledge of history isn't funny too and also more dangerous.

@Miguelgtormo @Gargron @MissPeggySue By the way... Killing people and conquering worlds is not a reason to be proud, it's a reason to be ashamed.

@Miguelgtormo @Gargron @MissPeggySue But the genocide was not from us. "We" killed people, yes, but the true genocide came from diseases, something "we" had no idea.

@Gargron @MissPeggySue Who said that it is? Obviously, NO genocide or holocaust is fun!

First, prove there was a spanish genocide, as a latin american I find quite dissapointing that someone who is supposedly better educated than I ever was, show such few knowledge about the discover and conquest of american continent

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