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Uh, not a fan of the Spanish colonization jokes fellas.


@Bala_Perdida There are Native Americans on and this is as alienating as it can get

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@Gargron @Bala_Perdida
Really? Spain never made genocide, acts man. Read the truth, please.

@jimpjorps @Gargron @Bala_Perdida
The Spaniards created monasteries, universities and missions in America. There are only Native Americans living in the countries that Spain colonized. It is in the USA where the Anglos made genocide with the Indian nations.

@celtmanager @Gargron @Bala_Perdida they also destroyed the Inca and Maya empires, killed or enslaved nearly every Taino and Arawak, and had the whole encomienda system, so quizás es un poco mas complicado que dices

@celtmanager @jimpjorps @Gargron @Bala_Perdida
Also, Spaniards and Portuguese violated native women provoking mestizaje. There wasn't that much mestizaje in North America because of most colonists were North European puritan/protestans

@celtmanager @jimpjorps @Gargron @Bala_Perdida

This is untruth. The genocide was larger in Central and South America. Those areas were heavyly populated before the colonist genocide, whilst North America was hardly populated, comparatively speaking.

@jimpjorps @celtmanager @Gargron @Bala_Perdida
Native American people shrinked to a tenth of its pre-colonization (by Spaniards an Portuguese) estimated population. The largest genocide iin History according to many authors.

@celtmanager @Bala_Perdida @Gargron other people have felt more uncomfortable in murderous history than simple disagreement.

Don't be such a delicate snowflake. You're not even responsible for what ancestors did. You are responsible for the your influence on the future and not helping a culture that permits hiding of crimes.

@jasper @celtmanager @Bala_Perdida @Gargron
The Colonisers are NOT even ancestors of current Spaniards as they left the country never to return. The descendants of those colonisers actually live in those countries that were colonies then.

@jgm irrelevant in multiple ways.

1) even if none came back, it is a split off from culture there. Both ends of the split keep a lot of their culture.

2) Spain had piles of gold because of this thievery back then, obviously people went back to live in Spain again too.

3) it is just you having long toes and taking everything personally. It is actually important that the propensities and the consequences are still here. And that we're responsible for our influence on the world.

@Gargron @jasper @celtmanager I think Spanish users of Mastodon might find this offensive, Eugene.

@sapoconchus @celtmanager @Gargron @Bala_Perdida the Netherlands. Is the point going to be that my country were infact also frequently murderous and repressive bastards?

Do you see me making jokes about it? You know some garbage people still talk about "VOC mentality" in the Netherlands too?

Tbh i think the 21st century will be worse than the 20th..

@jasper @celtmanager @Gargron @Bala_Perdida As spaniard I agree 100%
Spanish fascists have their own history and they don't give a fuck about truth. We love to call them "fachas".

@Toasted not caring about the truth is pretty much a property of facism in general.

I also call them emo bois sometimes.. the way they whine seems to frequently fit.

@Gargron @Bala_Perdida Eugen, how do you know that I am not a Chilean living in Madrid?

@Gargron @Bala_Perdida Blame the british not us, we mix with the locals, genocide is more a protestan way of doing things.

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