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@Gargron do you need a translator for this kind of stuff? My price is cheap, and you DO WANT spanish people to know the rules 😆

@Gargron hi, some of us come from twitter because it is suspending a lot of accounts for stupid reasons.

@Gargron first we conquer this server, then we move to the others. There will be no sunset in the Spanish Kingdom.

@Gargron ya estamos con las normas. Yo vine aquí con una promesa de anarquía

@Gargron so for a different Mastodon server I need to sign up with another username/password, or can I use the same one for every server?

@eduardo_yanez @Gargron

Puedes interactura con gente de todos los servidores desde el tuyo, pero para tener cuenta en otro tienes que hacértela.

Yo enoecé hace una semana desde un .social y ahora te estoy hablando desde un .host.

@eduardo_yanez @Gargron different mastodon servers are different websites, you will need a new account, like you have separate accounts on facebook and twitter

The difference is on mastodon, you don’t need an account on each instance to talk to everyone, you can use an account on any server to talk to anyone else (for example, I’m on and I can see both you and Gargron’s posts, even though you are on and you can see my post as well)

@Gargron Qué lenta soy, ahora me entero del rollito del portero al que no ha hecho caso ni dios.

@Gargron Probably you now understand the unemployment rate in Spain

@Gargron What did twitter mess up this time to cause another influx?

@Gargron Ay, que complicao. ¿esto no es de hacer chistes? 😀

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