Registrations on closed for the time being.

@pantuflo @Gargron My assumption is to encourage users to look at other instances; most users just hear "join mastodon" and go "ok theres this thing"

@ezlo @Gargron Why do you call us scum? You should be banned by this

@ezlo You are a fucking racist i report you nazi yankee

@ezlo ohhhh the racist Yankee its superior that this latín !!!! We are latín we arent your slave fucking american nazi

@Gargron Eugen, I think Spanish users of Mastodon might find this offensive. Just in case, Castilian means Spanish.

@Gargron: “I take the Scatergorix because it’s mine...” 😒😒

@gargron How about a default but removable limit on 5000 users per server?

Too late. Two cultures have met. Let's make it joyfull and fertile!

The federation can not allow such a racist performance. Block the inscriptions to the Spaniards? ¿Tú sabes lo que es la armada invencible?

@Gargron Is there a spike in demand

should I ebay my m.s account

@Gargron yay! That should hopefully encourage people onto other instances. The whole de-centralization thing doesn’t really work when everyone is on the flagship instance.

Spanish people are ruining, llibertat presos politics!

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