Some people dug up a tweet from 2012 in which I say that I am falling in love with the Catalan language

Reminds me to listen to this song, which inspired that tweet, again. Enigma - La Puerta Del Cielo

@Gargron ooooh that's why the Spaniards were so rowdy about you today XD

@sporks They got upset when I said colonialism isn't good

@Gargron at any rate it's cute when they call you Eugenio. But colonialism/genocide apologists get blocked \o/

@Gargron @sporks Actually what you did was equate colonialism with genocide, which is inaccurate. There was no systematic extermination of native Americans in the Spanish empire, there were no reservations and natives were in theory equal to whites. At any rate, associating 20th century Spaniards with colonialism is about as offensive as associating contemporary Germans with the nazis.

@ezlo @Gargron @sporks you don’t understand what genocide is. Colonialism is bad, no doubt, but there’s a very important difference: it’s not systematic, casualties are a side effect of it, not its ultimate purpose. Genocide is the purposeful attempt of the extermination of an entire ethnic group.

@charlienovember @sporks keep in mind that @Gargron was not the one to associate the newcomers with colonialism; they did that themselves.

He just said he didn't find it funny, although he did call colonialism genocide. To each his own.

@charlienovember @Gargron @sporks "No systematic extermination of native americans"... Don't hurt the history please

@alsanan @Gargron @sporks Systematic being the operative word. There was no coordinated conscious effort to wipe out the natives. That’s genocide. What happened was ignorance and zealotry.

@charlienovember @gargron @sporks Unless I missed it what Eugen actually said was he wasn’t a fan of colonisation jokes

@automatisms @Gargron @sporks Frankly, I don’t think this is important enough to keep talking about it.

@Gargron @sporks Well, personally I got upset when a friend of you called us Castilian scum. That's sort of understandable, don't you think so?

@Gargron good morning Eugenio!! No worries we’re good people, a little bit noisy but good.
Do yo know where is the bar?

@Gargron Oh no, there goes the wheels on my internal nostalgia machine, I'll be exploring the full Enigma catalogue in approximately 10 minutes time, after I get a cup of tea.

They were the soundtrack to my life in 1994.

@Gargron Well, I don’t think any of the spaniards got upset at all, quite the opposite. Lots of laughs, really. We are having fun. I guess we eventually will go back to the bird. We’ll clean up before, don’t worry.

@gargron Oh man, enigma... that's some old sh*t :-D

@Gargron before catalan SPANISH dude! a lot of people here with awesome toots

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