Updated display name for Halloween.

I still don't speak Spanish if you want me to read what you say when mentioning me use English

@Gargron Eugenio por favor que somos españoles, a esto nosotros le llamamos día de difuntos.

Once you start "spanishing" your name, all the rest comes easily. :perfect:

@Raspatuit @Gargron Eugenio máquina mete a Pérez Reverte y a rufián y nos echamos unas risas

@Gargron Good evening Eugenio!!! You are the best. We love you. You understand? This is a friendly message. We come here in peace. We greet you.

We love you Eugenio, well done with the name thing! You gonna get well with us!

@Tiroslocos @Gargron José Angel deja de molestar al señor y ponte a cocinar algo decente, que seguro que no has comido.

@Gargron we are saying that all the new colonists are fans of you!! For us you are Eugenio. With LOVE

@Gargron just coming by to show my admiration & respect. you are the 'puto amo' (fucking boss), man.

@Gargron Loving the "still" part. The attached pic could explain at least partially some of the Mastodon ongoing events. This is from with data from 2017. #freedomofspeech

@Gargron I suggest you to add some translation tool.

@Gargron in Spanish that is "encara no parlo espanyol si vols que llegeixi el que dius quan em mencionen utilitzeu el catala"

@Gargron You really do not know what´s on you since yesterday... 😏 😂😂😂😂😂

@Gargron You are a legend fam. Don't mind us, we are a bit loud at first, but it's because we are excited. Spanish people are nice deep inside, love ya!

@Gargron Can I call you Eukene? Eukene is Eugen in basque language. You know, basque people were colonized for spaniards, too.

@Gargron You don't wanna know what we mean when we talk to you in spanish. It's not (always) bad but you'll be more happy if you don't understand us.

@Gargron Thanks for spanishize your name. Now you could change Mastodon with Mastodonte. It's only one TE.

No problem. We are ready to adapt to local language!

@Gargron repeat me. In the name of the father, of son and the pichón. Amén. Now, You are catholic.

@Gargron It's a Matter of time. We've been here just a couple of days

@Gargron We love Mastodon, we come in peace seaking same fresh air from polluted Twitter.

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