Please mark your nudes and porn as NSFW. Nobody wants see it without warning

When are you gonna post nudes Eugen? I mean, everybody else has. 🤷

@marbahon "Not Safe For Work" means something you wouldn't want people behind you see you looking at.



Amazing how people are so upset about common sense. They should return to FedSpook and BirdSite. LOL!!

@QuantumHemp @Gargron Maybe and some people should try to sound a bit less superior to their peers even if they are so high that need to look down to see common people. By the way, common sense is the less common of the senses as we say in Spain. LOL



Agreed. We need less crybabyism and more LOLZ


Its hard being sensitive to trolls and angry porn mongers. The spam folder of any gmail user agrees

@QuantumHemp @Gargron Just asking because your last toot was a text in spanish.


Itsa Okay! Im from Terra, Velatropa 22.3 , third rock from the sun.

Im a human. No worries m8

@QuantumHemp If you are from where you say you should know my mate Phun yans wer, he said that is a small place and like Cheers everybody knows your name.😂


Nope. Don't worry. I have no clue what you're going on about


Yes common sense ain't common.

But spam sure does waste alot of time and money.

It's too bad. Censorships are also truly outrageous, but after all it's important to possibly create positive future timelines. Being angry, rude, mean, vulgar and lewd keeps things the way they are...

#nsfw #keepitConsciousShlomo


@QuantumHemp @Gargron I had to say that what you wrote has helped me to finish a sonnet i was writing tonight.


I agree 1000%.

Lets keep it fam frenly, fam and sistaha and bruhs. Nsfw ftw!!!
So true.

However good political free speech dont need a Trigger Warning (CW)

Be mindful! Kids exist!!!



Yep . i agree sir. But this may sound crazy, but once you allow boobs, porn smut and vags, its a slippery slope to malware, ED viagra bots, spam for porn scam con artists and the full on horse c0ck pornographic filth and disgusting vile that no one wants to see or know about. CW is the way bruh. Dont be a nudist at church, common sense. Be civil and be polite. Many cultures in the world practise a feminism that respects wombyn. Dont be a smut blaphemy apologist with your burka ban nazism



You mistake my diplomacy for authoritarianism, dear sir. Dont impose your degeneracy on the minds of the youth, Lil Frenchie #lahaine #mcsolaar



Thats quite eloquent. See what i did there. You contradict your self.

Insults and name calling is the last resort of the intellectual poverty of those with a deficit of a philosophy

Good day sir. I never insulted thee.

But to the contrary. I feel fine, while you got angry.

"EL QUE SE ENOJA PIERDE, FRANCESITO MAMON!" :100_queer: :100_gay: :blackcat:

censorship, diplomacy, newds and lewds 



For example : Should thou decide to post a full close up of your erect reproductive organ to your work profile pic, which should have your visage, your face, not your naked balls, you wouldnt get any respect, or even have a job. Amirite?

@Gargron oye Euge! No generalices! La paja de improviso funciona muy bien.

@Migueltroi @Gargron tiene pinta de ser de a los que se le pega la mierda en las nalgas mientras caga, vamos, un culo prieto

@Gargron Can there be an option in preferences that lets you automatically see all images as marked sensitive?

Apologies if there already is one that I couldn't find. I looked! I ended up marking my own image posts as sensitive by default by accident.

@gargron Eugene, I think the CW has evolved to something like "topic title" and lost its effectiveness (you know the saying, the street finds its own uses for things). Do you think it'd be possible to add a specific NSFW tag?

@Gargron too late. Yesterday died almost three Spaniards... Too much laughing 😂

@Gargron that reminds me a feature request: semantic CWs. In short, a whitelist filter for tags in the CW text. One may be very comfortable with some common CWs (food probably the most common). Or one may just be very happy to see nudes.

@Gargron sí está buena yo creo que no hace falta, que rulen libremente por el bien de la humanidad.

@Miguelgtormo @Gargron Hay que aligerar y simplificar esto la... para qué llenarla de borbónicos y reglas absurdas. 😜

@Gargron @adrianayujuju Como si Mastodon fuera Safe For Work jajaja

@Gargron Not only not safe for work. Not safe to see with grandma, aswell. NSFGm

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