Let me present to you, the new documentation website:

I ported the API docs over (and improved them), the administration section is more cohesive, the design is responsive now

What's not on it:

I completely avoided talking about Docker, because by gods I am tired of always having to write two ways something can be done, and Docker has been source of so much trouble for people anyway.

There is no section on how to setup a development environment, contribution guidelines, how to translate (the last one is irrelevant because of Weblate anyway)

I replaced the FAQs from the old documentation with a better structured usage section.

I've gotta say for the amount of work I've poured into it, I have absolutely no clue how to determine if it's really been worth it

@Gargron oh and while im here is there a chance of getting some way to have report notifications show up in the main UI somewhere? like is that on the roadmap at all?

@Gargron Considering so many projects like pixelfed use the API reference docs, I would say its worth it. Great work, you set the standard pretty high 😉

@Gargron I'm instantly finding helpful information that either wasn't there before or I'd just never been able to find before. So that's good!!

@Gargron It's not clear that if what you are talking about is related to Mastodon as a whole, to your own server as a provider of an space for people to interact or as we "joke" at our arrival, the amount of spaniards/conquerors that suddenly landed here.

@marbahon The documentation is for Mastodon as a whole

@Gargron Sorry I didn't realized you were talking about the docs, my fault for jumping into a chat without reading the firsts arguments

@Gargron yesyesyes, I’m very happy with this instance, it works and I thank you very much for that.

@Gargron i think an inherent issue with the value of coding is that most people don't know how to code and hence don't know how to appreciate code and coders

until the time comes when code can be read and understood to someone with no coding background (or everyone becomes proficient in coding to the point of being able to understand all code)

then i believe what a coder provides to the community will be difficult to evaluate in terms of social

in any case, i appreciate your efforts :)


Odd, I've found the Docker setup to be much quicker and simpler than the full manual setup.

That could just be that my previous experience with (attempting to run) Ruby on Rails projects has always been...bad.

@Gargron to be honest, if something doesn't have a simple docker-compose and I want to run it, I usually end up writing it myself. As far as servers/services go, I'm slowly "moving" all my "hosted" parts into containers so that I can change the underlying OS at some point.

So while I agree that Docker might be a source of trouble for some, I feel the ability to just throw a command and boom! instance! outweighs the hardships of writing the compose config.

@Gargron I agree it can be exhausting to maintain multiple setups...

I wanted to thank you about that, since my instance is dockerized, and upgrading from the release notes works great every time!

@Gargron Except that maintaining every piece of software using separate language specific packaging tools is probably the worst of all. Be it Docker, distro packages or anything standardized, software is not to be deployed as is but in adequately configured bundles that sysadmin can manipulate with familiar tools.

@Gargron I theorize that this kind of hatred developpers have for packaging, and the failure to understand they are dealing mostly with sysadmins for running instances, are one of the main reasons why the fediverse (this could be generalized to many Foss web apps) is running so many deprecated versions. I fear this will make it a hell of a security mess someday.

@Gaxupin @Gargron Mastodon is open-source project. It means that everyone can take part in its development. For now, there were 512 contributors (how a nice round number)

@Gargron the docs look great. I do have a question: What’s the functional difference between since_id and min_id? I don’t remember seeing min_id on the older docs.

@bigzaphod min_id is new, it'll come in 2.6.0

6 5 4 3 2 1

max_id=3 limit=2 will give you 2 1
since_id=3 limit=2 will give you 6 5
min_id=3 limit=2 will give you 5 4

@Gargron Is there any way to make all old posts private? So people can’t go digging through old posts looking for things that can be taken out of context and used against you?

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