So uh, Mastodon has been around for 2 years now. Wow

@Gargron can't be, I joined December 2016 and it was full of people already.

@saper The first Show HN was in October 2016, now is October 2018, 2 years

@Gargron how many users did it have in October 2016? only yourself?

@saper I think between 2000-5000 people signed up after the Show HN

@saper @Gargron the fediverse already had a good bunch of people and has about a decade

Mastodon made the good decision to join an existing network. So there had been users and content from the beginning on.

@Gargron in this year i got to be a shitty person on mastodon then turn into a good person on mastodon. it's a wild ride for sure

@kat That sounds like an important journey glad it worked out

@Gargron 💖

seriously tho i hate looking back at my old self

@Gargron happy two month anniversary of Mastodon!!!! 🤗😍

@Gargron You - and all the other contributors- have built an amazing platform

@Gargron herzlichen Glückwunsch! Sehr gute Arbeit und danke dir für dieses tolle. Netzwerk 👍🎂

Very nicely done, sir! Only “social network” I've ever joined, because of its ethical values *and* features. 👏

If it's not distributed it's not a network 😀

I'm here since only one month and love it already. :yay:

Congratulations, you have a toddler, welcome to the terrible twos.

@Gargron no mastodon has been around for 80,000 years i found one frozen in a cave

@Gargron 2 years and we still don't have a federated flash game arcade page (like on phpbb) with federated and local high scores

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