I guess I just don't have the energy to think about G+ shutting down and what if anything it means for Mastodon right now 😩

@Gargron Mastodon will be inundated when all ten G+ users arrive

@ellavescent See that's kinda mean. On Twitter I always hear people say things like "Mastodon, is anyone still using it? It lasted like two weeks". It would be hypocritical of me to laugh at G+ here. I'm sure there was a large community using it somewhere, it just wasn't anyone I knew.

@Gargron Linus Torvalds was an active user of G+. Would be funny if he ends up here...

@Gargron A connected education group that I am part of has had a space there for years .. 3,000 plus members ... not always active ... so, it was used. And it was useful for our purpose. Don't worry. I won't direct them all here.

@Gargron @ellavescent It was big with the tech community, mostly. People really into Android, mainly. Communities of fans for certain apps. People who hated Twitter and Facebook but didn't know of any alternatives. Brazilians migrating from Orkut. It had its niches. And it *was* technically superior to several other networks, in certain ways. It just suffered from network effects and from mismanagement.

@trwnh @Gargron @ellavescent the tabletop RPG community loved G+, often eclipsing similar efforts on Reddit. Right now the communities are trying to figure out where to go. It’s definitely a conundrum.

@Gargron @ellavescent Orkut remained the primary competition to FB in India and Brazil until Google migrated it all to G+. Never underestimate the size of communities you’re not a member of.

@Gargron There’s a decent sized group of tabletop gamers on there who are currently looking at places to go; people are currently trying out , though I did try to point them at .

@Gargron Android fans, wallpaper sharers, etc. Those were the few sources of continuing g+ users. Maybe they can talk about open software using open software!

@Gargron There are some pretty active communities on G+, e.g. - with close to 30,000 members and lots of activity.

@Gargron I'd say it's a positive as Mastodon becomes a notch higher now

@Gargron So there is going to be a growing demand for the instances that have G+ features, such as Collections, Circles, etc.

Agree,me like many other people just moved to Mastodon from G+ today.

And a queue for following requests will also be convenient~😉

@WellHoney @Gargron Yeah, this is the main takeaway for Mastodon. Having a way to categorize posts (Collections) and select your audience (Circles) is going to be a feature missing from most other networks. And then there are Communities.

It would be nice to see an ActivityPub implementation support those three things, especially within the next 10 months. Diaspora* can't be the only one doing audience-selection properly. Nothing else really does post-categorization properly, either.

@WellHoney @Gargron I logged onto G+ today to see what the reactions of my friends there were, and I'm seeing two main strains of thought:

1) "This sucks, I guess I have to go back to Twitter, which is terrible now but I don't really have options if I want to keep up with my community."

2) "This sucks, I guess I have to stop using social media entirely now because there's nothing left. There are literally no alternatives in this niche. I'm going to miss these features."

@Gargron there was a high period in which there was a great deal of high quality math content. However, that had already mainly dried up, with people migrating to twitter or just returning to blogging in the face of a dwindling audience and lack of support...

@Gargron I'm now looking around to places to switch to since I've been using G+ every day since I got into the invite-only beta long ago. I found about this from !

@Gargron definitely a good time to promote Mastodon. I'm a G+ refugee who's setting up home here. Hopefully others will too.

@Gargron seems like a lot of G+'ers are going to (which is Diaspora-based). G+s circles are similar to Diaspora's aspects, so it makes sense.

@deadsuperhero any thoughts on this?

@jdp23 @Gargron All I can say is that it'd be nice if Mastodon had something similar to Aspects, even if it took the form of Lists for access control of posts.

But that's just my opinion. Honestly I just wish Diaspora supported ActivityPub.

@Gargron tbh, I like mastadon. It's a break from twitter. And seeing a lot of coders here makes it feel like home

@Gargron I think the main problem was people didn't like having to select who they share with. Cause on platforms like fb and twitter, it's all open.

@Gargron Possible mass migration, but right now all signs point toward a scattering of G+ users.

@gargron I am way behind in my feed but just found a few hours to catch up. Did you end up noticing any uptick due to Google plus closing?
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